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Double victory for Alex and ‘Vinnie’ at Hagans Croft league

SATURDAY, September 26 saw the penultimate leg of Hagans Croft’s six-week show jumping league. The morning started out with a light frost, which quickly lifted as the sun came out on the cross-poles class. This is a very encouraging class, as the young stars of the future took on the course of 12 coloured fences. Everyone in this class went home with a rosette, however, those with a double clear went home with a beautiful red one. Those lucky competitors were Pippa Leathem, Conor McCluskey, Sofia Taylor, Amelia Wheeler, Rachel Price, Annabel Storey and William Steele. Well done to all those competitors.

It was then on to the 50cm class, where fences nine to 12 were against the clock. The added pressure saw a few ‘sat nav’ issues, unfortunate poles down and errors of course incurred. Therefore, for those who were lucky to achieve a double clear, it was down to who did it in the fastest time. That was Alex Hemsley and ‘Vinnie’ in 22.9 seconds, who took home the red ribbon. Charlie Watson and ‘Master Casper Boy’ finished in second place for their speed time of 24.18 seconds.

The course was adjusted for the 60cm class, where again competitors had a few unfortunate poles down. For those four competitors, who achieved a double clear it was the fastest time that separated them. Once again, Alex Hemsley and ‘Vinnie’ jumped into first place – beating their time from the previous class, they certainly were delighted with their red rosette for their efforts in a speedy time of 21.52 seconds. Kristina Hayes and ‘Stella’ were just split seconds behind and picked up second place.

The 70cm class saw a few more fillers and planks added to the course. With this class being the largest on the day, the competition was starting to hot up. Everyone was delighted for Jessica House and ‘Kind of Magic’ for picking up the red ribbon within the class, as owner Siobhan Holloway has put in a lot of hard work and care into getting ‘Kind of Magic’ back into the show jumping ring. All parties involved were delighted with their performance on the day and are now looking forward to what the final brings next week! It was a blue ribbon again for Kristina Hayes and ‘Stella’, but this time they shaved off a couple more seconds on their speed time, which they were delighted about.

Abby Brown and ‘Holiday Little Buzz’ did it for the second week in a row within the 80cm class, picking up the red ribbon for their double clear and in a time of 20.63 seconds – this has set them up well for the league placings next week. Rosie McCormick and ‘Indigo Rose’ tried hard for the red rosette again this week and, only 0.31 seconds behind Abby, they had to settle for second place for their time of 20.95 seconds.

It was a close and exciting contest between Charley Hanna on ‘Crystal’ and Charlotte McGladdery on ‘Dude’ in the 90cm class. Charley politely asked the arena party to step aside, as she had her sights on executing a turn in the speed section that no-one had attempted all day. The pair executed this nail-biting turn to perfection to take the win in a jaw dropping 15.93 seconds! The red rosette was so very well deserved.

Robyn Hartley changed her mount to take on the 1m class. Organisers haven’t seen ‘Pepsi’ out for a long time, therefore everyone was delighted when the pair took home the red ribbon in a time of 16.92 seconds, however, no-one could have been more delighted than Robyn, as she patted and hugged ‘Pepsi’ the whole way to the car park!

Emma Brown and ‘Cali’ once again took on the 1.10m class this week. After the previous week’s pole down, Emma was determined to come home with a double clear and that they did! This pair are a brilliant combination and a pleasure to watch. Well done!


Saturday, September 26

Class 1 – Cross-poles – Clear Rounds: Pippa Leathem, Silver Jubilee; Conor McCluskey, Skippy; Sofia Taylor, Pepsi; Amelia Wheeler, Creevelea Midnight; Rachel Price, Sporty; Annabel Storey, Lady; William Steele, Spot.

Class 2 – 50cm: 1) Alex Hemsley, Vinnie; 2) Charlie Watson, Master Casper Boy; 3) Emily Adamson, Zazu; 4) Imogen Gray, Zazu; 5) William Steele, Spot; 6) Anna Poots, Tinkerbelle.

Class 3 – 60cm: 1) Alex Hemsley, Vinnie; 2) Kristina Hayes, Stella; 3) Zach Watson, Beau Jangles; 4) Vivienne Andrews, Sarah’s Pebbles; 5) Georgia Storey, Chutney; 6) Robyn Hartley, Ember.

Class 4 – 70cm: 1) Jessica House, Kind of Magic; 2) Kristina Hayes, Stella; 3) Robyn Hartley, Ember; 4) Thomas McCausland, Ginger; 5) Chloe McLoughlin, Teddy Boy; 6) Claire Forsythe, Moon Chip.

Class 5 – 80cm: 1) Abby Brown, Holiday Little Buzz; 2) Rosie McCormick, Indigo Rose; 3) Kathryn Huson, Cadi; 4) Lauren Dempsey, Tullynavin Cappuccino; 5) Emily Roney, April; 6) Chloe McLoughlin, Teddy Boy.

Class 6 – 90cm: 1) Charley Hanna, Crystal; 2) Charlotte McGladdery, Dude; 3) Abby Brown, Holiday Little Buzz; 4) Lauren Dempsey, Tullynavin Cappuccino; 5) Charlotte Cochrane, Abbie; 6) Nathan McCausland, Master Caledonia.

Class 7 – 1m: 1) Robyn Hartley, Pepsi; 2) Charley Hanna, Crystal; 3) Daisy Gillespie, Jasper; 4) Charlotte Cochrane, Abbie.

Class 8 – 1.10m: 1) Emma Brown, Cali.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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