Double whammy for Alana, Molly and Katie at Hagans Croft

Hagans Croft SJ BR Farm
50CM: Alana Eadie and ‘Lily’ won the 50cm class at Hagans Croft. (FW36-554NN)

SATURDAY, August 31 turned out a fantastic day at Hagans Croft Equestrian’s third leg of their five-week show jumping league and this was not just because of the weather. A record number of competitors turned out to jump round the challenging course of 12 coloured fences. The day started out with the cross-poles class, where the Annett sisters dominated, both jumping clear all the way in under a time of 24 seconds – it was first place and a red ribbon for Katie Annett and ‘Derrymattery Fudge’ and second place with a blue ribbon for Ellie Annett and ‘Twilight.’

The 50cm class was hotly contested, with a total of nine double clears rounds. It was down to who completed fences nine to 12 in the fastest time and that was Alana Eadie and ‘Lily’ with a time of 21.25 seconds, followed by Ted Geary and his coloured mare ‘Susie’ in a time of 23.18 seconds.

CROSS-POLES: Katie Annett and ‘Derrymattery Fudge’ claimed the red ribbon in the cross-poles class at Hagans Croft. (FW36-553NN)

Next came the 60cm class, where once again Alana Eadie stole the show, this time on her bay mare ‘Willow’, clear all the way with a time of 18.85 seconds – she certainly had the red ribbon in her sights! Once again, it was the blue ribbon for Ted Geary and ‘Susie’, shaving seconds of their last speed round time to come home in 19 seconds dead!

Competition was stiff in the 70cm class, with a total of 18 entries and 11 of those going through with double clears. It was Molly O’Connor and ‘Rossfad Runaway’ that did it in the fastest time of 17.59 seconds and clinched first place and the red rosette. Clare Walker and ‘Blaze’ were just a split second behind with 17.81 seconds, nevertheless delighted to be receiving their second place blue rosette.

And when everyone thought the speed round couldn’t get any faster, Molly O’Connor and her 13hh pocket rocket ‘Rossfad Runaway’ successfully pulled off their turns and jumping angles in the 80cm class to finish on the fastest time of the day – 15.19 seconds! First place was so very well deserved once again for this pair as no one else within any of the classes throughout the day could get anywhere near to this time.

Victoria White and ‘Temple Bui’ had another successful week, with another double clear in a time of 18 seconds it was second place and the blue ribbon this week for this duo!

The 90cm class saw a few thrills and spills, as ‘Bruce’s Cart’ – fence three – seemed to prove difficult for a few competitors and their four-legged friends. This wasn’t the case for Katie Robinson and ‘Gypsy’, who flew through the course clear in a time of 21.53 seconds, securing themselves the red ribbon. Olivia Byrne and ‘Crunchie’ achieved the second clear in the 90cm class in a time of 23.28 seconds, which secured them the blue rosette.

Katie Robinson and ‘Gypsy’ did it again in the 1m class to make it a double whammy of red rosettes on the day. This pair have certainly set themselves up well for qualifying points for the league leader board.

Hagan’s Croft would like to extend huge thanks to all the competitors who supported this event, which will be running until Saturday, September 14. Thanks also go to judge Katy Saunders, arena party and stewards Lindsey, Harriett, Sadie and Sarah, who kept the event running so smoothly! A massive thank you to the league sponsors, KPC Equestrian, who painted all of Hagans Croft’s show jumping fences last year, providing a superb job. Thanks to Black Horse Photography for covering this event and all photographs can be purchased through their website.

This League runs until Saturday, September 14. Please visit Hagans Croft’s website: or facebook page for more details or contact Gillian on 07849 106453.


Saturday, August 31

Class 1 – Cross-poles: 1) Katie Annett, Derrymattery Fudge; 2) Ellie Annett, Twilight; 3) Zara McConnell, Rio; 4) Evie McKeown, Tilly Tiger Lily; 5) Abbie Knox, Spirit; 6) Henry McCarthy, Jasper.

Class 2 – 50cm: 1) Alana Eadie, Lily; 2) Ted Geary, Susie; 3) Katie Robinson, Aoife; 4) Zara McConnell, Rio; 5) Isaac McCarthy, Joey; 6) Lucas Bradley, Charlie.

Class 3 – 60cm: 1) Alana Eadie, Willow; 2) Ted Geary, Susie; 3) Lucas Bradley, Flynn; 4) Emily Morgan, Charlie; 5) Jenna Morton, Misty; 6) Ivy Oman, Toffee Pop.

Class 4 – 70cm: 1) Molly O’Connor, Rossfad Runaway; 2) Clare Walker, Blaze; 3) Courtney Sloan, Miss Angel; 4) Alana Eadie, Willow; 5) Sarah Craig, Jasper; 6) Emily Morgan, Charlie.

Class 5 – 80cm: 1) Molly O’Connor, Rossfad Runaway; 2) Victoria White, Temple Bui; 3) Rachel Boyes, Pebbles; 4) Victoria Ayling, Shanaghan Pearl; 5) Louise Dillon, Louie; 6) Rosie Lloyd, Tootsie.

Class 6 – 90cm: 1) Katie Robinson, Gypsy; 2) Olivia Byrne, Crunchie; 3) Tina O’Connor, Toffee Boy.

DOUBLE: Katie Robinson and ‘Gypsy’ won both the 90cm and 1m classes at Hagans Croft. (FW36-552NN)

Class 7 – 1m: 1) Katie Robinson, Gypsy; 2) Tina O’Connor, Toffee Boy; 3) Orla Stitt, Stevie.


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