Downshire Riding Club hosts Dressage for All at Mill Yard

Downshire Dressage BR Farm
TEAM WORK: Part of the team of Downshire Riding Club members pictured at the Dressage for All Spring League at Mill Yard. (FW10-529NN)

SUNDAY, February 24 saw the first event of the year run by Downshire Riding Club. The Dressage for All Spring League was hosted by Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Annahilt.

There was a mist in the air and a strong cold wind blowing however this did not stop rider’s turning out for the first week of the spring dressage league.

NOVICE WIN: Pamela Fox and ‘Foxy’ on their way to winning Class 4, the Novice class at the Dressage for All at Mill Yard. (FW10-528NN) PICTURES

The fresh conditions made for a eventful competition with members and non members of the riding club in attendance and all seemed to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the day.

Special thanks are extended to the judge, Katie King; the scribe, Jackie Flynn; Nomad Photography NI for the images and all who helped on the day.

The second part of the league is being held on March 10.

The club is also hosting a Working Hunter league and details of this can be found on the club website at or facebook page.


Sunday, February 24

Dressage for All Spring League

Class 1 Naked Dressage: 1) Sian Ogle, Texas Lone Star (Prelim) 67.95; 2) Lucy McGuinness, Duchess 67.73; 3) Lyndsey Kirk, Lady 66.90; 4) Sara McComb, Texas Lone Star 65.48; 5) Yvonne Maguire, Big John 64.76.

Class 2 BD Intro B: 1) Sara McComb, Texas Lone Star 67.62; 2) Gemma Cherry, Allies Dream 66.42; 3) Sarah McClay, Tigger 63.33; 4) Kellie Tate, Harvey Moon 62.14.

Class 3 BD Prelim 7: 1) Liz Breeze, Maggie 66.36; 2) Sian Ogle, Texas Lone Star 66.14; 3) Debbie McAllister, Monty 66.14; 4) Gemma Cherry, Allies Dream 65.45; 5) Lauren Breeze, Maggie 65.23; 6) Norma Herron, Chico 65.23.

Class 4 BD Novice 24: 1) Pamela Fox, Foxy 73.70; 2) Nicola Brown, Cruz 71.30.

ON FORM: Nicola Brown on ‘Cruz’ were on form to take second place in Class 4 at the Dressage for All at Mill Yard. (FW10-527NN)

Please note, only first to sixth places are shown, but all competitors who attend accumulate points towards the league final on March 10.


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