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Dressage at Home and International Virtual League well underway

THE Dressage at Home and International Virtual Dressage League is well underway. The fledgling company held a successful fourth show of their league on Saturday, November 7. Despite the relentless cold snap riders have been battling of late, a great number of competitors turned out over the week to film their tests and brave the conditions.

These riders certainly show no evidence of having the Autumn / Winter blues. Judge, Martina McKinley and fellow judge / company owner, Emma Hobson commented on the talented combinations that presented themselves before them.

Emma Hobson stated: “Due to Covid and lock-down in some parts, Virtual Dressage is a fabulous way for riders to get out and compete. Some of our classes are really growing in popularity and are showing vigorous competition for the popular league prizes. It’s so great to see riders making positive memories in 2020 and being able to continue to train. A special mention needs to be given to these riders, who take part week after week, improving in their scores and test riding.

“These results serve to highlight the exceptionally high standard of test riding in Virtual Dressage at present, with a great number of riders gaining exceptional scores from listed DI and BD judges. I am delighted to be a part of their journey and enable them to progress and compete during very difficult times.”

Many thanks to all of the riders who contributed their time and efforts to partake. Thanks also to the judges for their invaluable expertise. The next show will be held on Saturday, November 21. Details of tests etc can be found on the Dressage at Home and International Facebook page. For further details and a glimpse of the exciting league prizes, visit the Facebook page.


Saturday, November 7

Virtual Dressage League – week four

Ring Three – Introductory: 1) Maggie Newsam, Harvey 71.84; 2) Karen Auld, Squire 69.21; 3) Mary Ambrose, Ginge 66.84; 4) Mary Maslen, The Stalking Moon 65.79; 5) Penny Johnston, Ace 62.11; 6) Niamh Harper, Paddy 60.26; Natasha Gilchrist, Indi 59.47; Amy Heatherington, Polly 58.16; Aoife Harper, Ginger 57.11.

Ring Four – Newcomers Preliminary: 1) Robyn McMurray, Rosemount Roulette 70.4; 2) Sally Mullan, Frankie 66.6; 3) Asa Berggren, Zeeva 62.8; 4) Vicky McAleese, Chicago Warrior 62.6; 5) Lauren Power, Tinkas Hugo 61.8; 6) Lynn Evans, Curious Girl 60.4; Laura Hutchison, Candy 59.6.

Ring Five – Preliminary: 1) Jenna Crawford, Rock Rebound 68; 2) Isobelle Gould, Foxy Furisto 67.2; 3) Janet Craig, Ollies Pride 66.8; 4) Emma Brown, Tullys Tina 62.4; 5) Emer Howard, Lolly 62.

Ring Six – Veteran: 1) Norin Taylor, Bess 67.6; 2) Margaret Byrne, Lyleview on Time 67.37; 3) Victoria McCandless, Koolstyle 65.2; 4) Laura Hutchison, Candy 64; 5) Holly Reilly, Just Jake 63.68; 6) Charlotte Moore, Tully Valley 62; Emer Howard, Lolly 61.6; Asa Berggren, Zeeva 61.2.

Ring Seven – RoR: 1) Valerie Crean, Kildoon Trix 66.8.

Ring Eight – Novice: 1) Grace Moore, Canadian Clipper 67.86; 2) Freya Rottenbury, Harry XXVI 67.14; 3) Kyra Crawford, Proud to be Mylie 66.61; 4) Saoirse Glavin Murphy, Benny Ace 60.71; 5) Selina Forrester, Flick 59.29.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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