Dressage Ireland NR hosts successful Regional Final

DINR Laurel View BR Farm
PLACED: Zara Wood and her pony ‘Ard Mirah’ were sixth in the Elementary championship at the Dressage Ireland NR Regional Final. (FW38-504NN)

DRESSAGE Ireland Northern Region (NR) held their Regional Final at Laurel View Equestrian Centre, Templepatrick on Sunday, September 8. Well done to everyone who competed and for all the support this season. Organisers wish all members travelling to Cavan the best of luck. Dates for the winter league will be available at the start of October on the website.

A massive thank you to all the sponsors: Gemma Lawrie dentist, Topspec, Oakview Construction, Baileys, Botanica, Manor Equine vet and Service Annacloy.

PRELIM: Lisa Ferguson and ‘Larkin’ were second in the Prelim championships at the Dressage Ireland NR Regional Final. (FW38-503NN)

If you would like the opportunity to sponsor a class at the league or the festival, please get in touch as organisers would love to hear from you. All sponsors receive rugs and rosettes in their company colours, a lunch or drinks reception and Facebook advertising – all organisers ask is a donation to cover prize costs.


Sunday, September 8

Regional Final at Laurel View

Prelim Championship: Michael Boyd, Getadate; Lisa Ferguson, Larkin; Lisa Dundee, RA Belle; Lucy McDowell, Forestview Boy; Michelle Strange, Quality Galore; Caroline Herron, Clantara Kallisto.

Novice Championship: Sylvia Henry, Creevagh Connection; Yvette Truesdale, Homegrown Ajax; Michelle Strange, Quality Galore; Lisa Ferguson, Larkin; Michael Boyd, Getadate; Nicole Robinson, Copperfield Gold.

Elementary Championship: Sylvia Henry, Creevagh Connection; Laura King, Belissma MKM; Yvette Truesdale, Homegrown Ajax; Sylvia Henry, Ferros Delight; Karen McKeown, VSH Gangster; Zara Wood, Ard Mirah.

Medium Championship: Karen McKeown, VSH Gangster; Debbie Cherry, Mostro; Michael Boyd, Maximum Jay; Jasmin Vollands, Mo Chara Nua; Joanne MckKelvie, Landor Lara Croft; Orlaith O’Hagan, OOS Diego.

Advanced Medium Championship: Laragh O’Grady, Mullentine Emerald Wolfe Tone; Sylvia Henry, Creevagh for Sure; Linda Mcllwaine, Beechmount Baxter.

Open Championship: Laragh O’Grady, Mullentine Emerald Wolfe Tone; Joan Adrian, VSH Florenciano; Dale Roberts, Enigma; Michael Boyd, Maximum Jay.

Summer League

Prelim: 1) Farasi, Claire Orr; 2) Larkin, Lisa Ferguson; 3) O to be Posh, Ruth Logan; 4) Drumnahall Miss, Andrew Gordon; 5) Rademon Aachen, Dale Roberts; 6) Sweet Molly, Ruby Geddis Zellman.

Novice: 1) Runaway Rebel, Christine Newton; 2) Copperfield Gold, Nicole Robinson; 3) Quality Galore, Michelle Strange; 4) Homegrown Index, Fiona Young; 5) Creevagh Connection, Sylvia Henry; 6) TawneyBrack Indiana, Kristine Lynch.

Elementary: 1) Creevagh Connection, Sylvia Henry; 2) Ferros Delight, Sylvia Henry; 3) Bellissima MKM, Laura King; 4) Tattysallagh Max, Phillipa McKee.

Medium: 1) Mostro, Debbie Cherry; 2) Homegrown Lexi, Sylvia Henry; 3) VHS Gangster, Karen McKeown; 4) Landor Lara Croft, Joanne McKelvie; 5) Mo Chara Nua, Jazmin Vollands; 6) OOS Diego, Orlaith O’Hagan.

Adv Medium: 1) Creevagh For Sure, Sylvia Henry; 2) Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine; 3) Mullentine Emerald Wolfe Tone, Laragh O’Grady.

RUNNER UP: Yvette Truesdale and ‘Homegrown Ajax’ were second in the Novice championship at the Dressage Ireland NR Regional Final. (FW38-502NN)

Open: 1) Maximum Jay, Michael Boyd; 2) VSH Florenciano, Joan Adrain; 3) Mullentine Emerald Wolfe Tone, Laragh O’Grady; 4) VSH Gouveneur M, Carolyn Mellor.


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