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Dressage league final imminent at Ardnacashel

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SUNDAY got off to a promising start at Ardnacashel’s Dressage League, with sunshine and no rain, meanwhile competitors were getting prepared for their tests. Classes started with the Intro Junior, which was won by Daniel O’Sullivan Toner and ‘Fort Rose Maya’, who have received fantastic scores each week; week five was no exception as they received 72.4% for the win.

It was neck and neck for first place in Prelim Senior I, with only 0.3% separating Louise McMinn on ‘Lisbane Wizard’ and Andrea McKee on ‘Queenie’, however it was a well deserved first for Louise with 71.5%.

The sky then went dark and the rain poured; the competitors didn’t let this dampen their scores though, with the highest score of the day being 82.2%, which was scored by Shane McKeever and ‘HLS Impact’ in Prelim Senior II.

Well done to Rachel Rendle on ‘Ballyvally Bay’, who placed first in the Elementary with 75.6% and second in the Novice with 75.2!

‘Clerkson’ and Mandy Blakely returned to Ardnacashel and were dedicated to finishing their test, even though by this stage everyone had been drenched. Being well used to four seasons in a day, riders and grooms grabbed a nice cuppa and a home-baked bun to warm up from the Café Cabin and eight tests were successfully completed.

The final week of this dressage league will be held this Sunday, May 30. Everyone is welcome and riders will be placed as normal. Entries close on Thursday, May 27 at 5pm – via www.ardnacashelequestrian.co.uk/ enter-online


Sunday, May 23

INTRO JUNIOR: 1) Daniel O’Sullivan, Toner Fort Rose Maya 72.4%; 2) Phoebe McBurney, Halle Bear 62.6%.

INTRO SENIOR: 1) Jackie Flynn, Meikle Dumbledore 74.1%; 2) Hannah Danks, Benvarden Cleuseau 71.3%; 3) Svea Nagel, Cherry 68.3%; 4) Kerry Dickson, A Stolen Star 67.4%; 5) Caroline Chambers, Carryon Platinum Edition 67.2%; 6) Sandra Campbell, Rosog Jodi 66.9%; 7) Tracy Tulett, Toby 66.9%; 8) Cathryn McCarroll, Maggi May; 9) Hannah Ogle, Casements Cavalier 65.4%; 10) Lucy M, Quick Succession 62.3%.

NEWCOMERS: 1) Andrea Skelly, Tobergill Warpaint 65.3%.

PRELIM JUNIOR: 1) Catherine Cowan, Lady Remarque 66.7%; 2) Kaiti McCann, Ronaldo 61.1%, 3) Abbie Connor, Freddie 53.3%.

PRELIM SENIOR I: 1) Louise McMinn, Lisbane Wizard 71.5%; 2) Andrea McKee, Queenie 71.2%; 3) Catherine Cowan, Bridge of Stars 57.7%.

PRELIM SENIOR II: 1) Shane McKeever, HLS Impact 82.2%; 2) Veronica Courtney, Dave 63.7%; 3) Sharon McKeever, Amigo Hemmingway 63.7%; 4) Judith McCord, Bridies Girl 63.7%; 5) Elizabeth Smith, Rockview Boy 53.3%.

NOVICE: 1) Mandy Blakely, Clerkson 78.6%; 2) Rachel Rendle, Ballyvally Bay 75.2%; 3) Sharon Getty, Daisy 71.1%; 4) Hollie Woods, Caprio 71.1%; 5) Christina Turley, Bob 70%; 6) Andrew Greer, Sharp Object 68.9%; 7) Clare Adair, Dot 66.1%; 8) Claire Liddle, Ballytrim Molly 65.7%; 9) Naomi Buchanan, Bella 62.1%; 10) Victoria McCandless, Koolstyle 61.8%.

ELEMENTARY: 1) Rachel Rendle, Ballyvally Bay 75.6%; 2) Hollie Woods, Caprio 72.4%; 3) Naomi Buchanan, Bella 64.8%; 4) Jenny Nixon, Coolmount Cruise 64%; 5) Claire Liddle, Ballytrim Molly 62.8%; 6) Victoria McCandless, Koolstyle 52%.

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