Dressage training continues at Loughowan Farm

DRESSAGE CLINICS: Carol on ‘Roxy’ and Sandra on ‘Duke’, pictured with Ivan during a dressage clinic at Loughowan Farm. (FW36-514NN)

IVAN Kelly continued his dressage clinics recently in the beautiful sunshine at Loughowan Farm, Hillsborough.

Ivan is a trainer who travels from his home on the Isle of Man. His expert credentials are firmly recognised by the Irish Equestrian Federation and equivalent international and US federations.

BRUSHING UP ON SKILLS: Loughowan livery yard owner Laura with ‘Bertie’ and Ivan. (FW36-513NN)

From ex-Racehorses to Clydesdales and every size in-between, the clinics give an interesting and informative watch.

Laura Wilson, owner of Loughowan, says: “With such an array of horses, riders and levels of equestrian experience, Ivan impresses me every time with how dynamic and interesting he keeps his lessons.

“As an instructor myself, being able to sit in on his clinics, as well as participate, gives me the chance to brush up on my skills, as well as discuss techniques on a professional level.”

Ivan is an experienced trainer, whose mission is to train both horse and rider to reach their full potential in a friendly and fun way. His aim is to tailor each session to help you build a partnership. Having worked and trained with some of Europe’s most sought after coaches and spending many years under the guidance of Hans Schmideler, a highly respected trainer from Germany, Ivan goes above and beyond to help you understand your horse and help build a partnership through dressage.

Jacqui Porter, who introduced Ivan to Hillsborough, says: “Ivan has been a real help with my ex-racehorse. Through his clinics, I’ve formed such a bond and trust with my horse, ‘Vinnie’, it has given me hope for the future and I’m even looking forward to registering him with Dressage Ireland in the New Year.

“I met Ivan last year at an International Carriage driving event, where I groomed for the Pairs National Champion. It was evident from the outset how passionate and knowledgeable he was, so it just made sense to encourage Ivan to Northern Ireland for clinics.”

Ivan’s next clinic will be held on October 11 until October 14. For more information or to book a space on the clinic, call or message Jacqui on 07395 830535.


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