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Dribble bar and trailing shoe options available with Redrock slurry tankers

REDROCK Machinery has confirmed that dribble bar and trailing shoe attachments can be offered in tandem with the company’s slurry tanker range.

“All equipment items are eligible for the new Farm Business Improvement Scheme Tier 1 grant scheme,” added the company’s marketing manager Mark Linden.

“We offer a bespoke range of systems, each designed to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

Numerous UK and Irish research trials have confirmed that Low Emission Slurry Spreading Equipment (LESSE) is an effective way to increase the amount of nutrient available for crop growth from slurry application, while reducing the loss of nutrient to air or water.

Specifically, this work has confirmed that the inverted splash plate method of application is the least effective method to reduce ammonia emissions (nitrogen loss).

In contrast, trailing shoe and dribble bar-based spreading systems are much more effective in reducing ammonia emissions and therefore increase the nutrients available from the slurry. Another advantage of LESSE options is that they act to reduce the odour problems and water quality issues traditionally associated with slurry spreading.

For its part, Redrock Machinery will make available a range of training shoes and dribble bars to meet all requirements in combination with the company range of high quality slurry tankers.

Mark Linden confirmed that the trailing shoe delivers a controlled volume of slurry straight to the root of the grass without waste or environmental contamination. The injection moulded rubber distribution boot is flexible and long lasting. In addition, both the dribble bar and trailing shoe systems both use a high quality macerator to distribute the slurry manure.

Mark continued: “All our slurry tankers are manufactured to the highest specification. Reducing the environmental footprint of farming is now a driver for production agriculture throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

“Making best use of slurry, digestate from anaerobic digestion plants and other organic manure sources is critically important in this context.”

He added: “Slurry is also being drawn longer distances than would previously have been the case. This increases the requirement for larger tankers and units that will remain road and field worthy for many years.

“Redrock tankers fully comply with these requirements. Improved flexibility is another requirement demanded of modern slurry equipment. In our own case we manufacture tankers with top fill options while also delivering on specifications that require tankers to be used in tandem with umbilical spreading systems.

“Redrock vacuum tankers also feature high performance centrifugal pumps. These are market leaders when it comes to pumping highly fibrous sludge and slurry. They are operated off the PTO on the tractor.”

Mark concluded: “Redrock tankers are built to last. They are also extremely reliable, making them equally popular with both farmers and contractors.”

n For further information, contact Redrock Machinery on (028) 37 552390. Website www.redrockmachinery.com



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