Drumlish Farm Machinery expands farm parts division

Drumlish Farm Machinery expands farm parts division
POPULAR: Aaron Rutledge from Drumlish Farm Machinery with customer James Kiernan from Kiernan Contracts

ESTABLISHED in 2013, Drumlish Farm Machinery in Country Tyrone has built up a strong reputation for supplying quality new and used farm machinery.

Due to a commitment to existing customers and increased demand, the team is delighted to have extended its onsite range of ‘wearing parts’. There is now a comprehensive stock of parts for leading brands such as SlurryKat, Kuhn and Sumo to name but a few.

Within the SlurryKat range of parts is everything from couplings to suction hoses, gate valves to spreader plates, slurry tanker hoses through to replacement tines and blades for shear grabs. For umbilical slurry hose fittings there is also a choice of two further brands, namely Bauer and Storz with fittings from 4” to 6”. Many of the slurry tanker parts within the SlurryKat range can be used in conjunction with other leading farm brands such as Redrock and Major and are a popular choice due to their quality of build and increased longevity.

With 2019 drawing near many famers are thinking about servicing their Doda Pumps for the slurry season. The full range of impellers, impeller housings and mechanical seals for Doda Pumps are stocked at Drumlish Farm Machinery.

Kuhn’s world class balers, mowers, tedders, rakes and harrows can also be serviced onsite with the parts department stocking the full range of genuine Kuhn parts from tines to blades, chains to rollers, all of which are available for various models.

It is unfortunately a well known fact that every year farmers are seriously injured in accidents involving PTO shafts. These accidents are preventable if the PTO drive shaft is fitted with a proper guard. Drumlish Farm Machinery both stock and fit PTO covers for all types of farm machinery from fertiliser sowers to slurry tankers with the option of wide angle PTO shafts also available.

To further assist in farm safety Drumlish Farm Machinery has a range of LED lights which can be fitted to your farm machinery.

Along with a full range of parts and fittings on offer there is a wide selection of oil available for every application from chain to hydraulic, gear to engine, ATF to vacuum pump.

With winter upon us it is the perfect time to service your grass based machines before the busy new year.


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