Ease the load with TGB’s Landmaster


THE TGB Landmaster 600 is a multi-purpose workhorse for the farm or small holding. It combines the agile functionality of an ATV with the wide-ranging capability of a UTV and boasts a long list of practical features designed to make short work of many agricultural tasks.

Powered by TGB’s latest 561cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke EFI engine, the Landmaster has plenty of power allied to sharp manoeuvrability skills. It can tackle even the most challenging and hard to reach areas of terrain with ease.

It is also equipped with TGB’s patented three-stage electronic power steering and has an impressive 320mm ground clearance. A mighty 3,500lb front-mounted electronic winch is fitted as standard, and the roomy rear tipping cargo tray opens on three sides, making loading and unloading a breeze.

Up front, the Landmaster has a useful carry rack and wrap around safety bumper bar. Handguards, extended wing mirrors, backrest and deep footwells offer protection and rider comfort, while an electric starting system and digital dash make operating the nifty TGB a cinch.

The TGB Landmaster is predominately designed for agricultural purposes, but is T3 homologated road-legal, further extending its real-life usefulness.

An industry-leading five-year manufacturer limited warranty and £7,083.00 price tag – plus VAT – completes the Landmaster package.

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