East Down host Pony Club Area 17 Area Trials

PC Area Trials BR Farm
OPEN INDIVIDUAL: Toni Quail on ‘Wellan Summertime’ riding for East Down won the Open Individual class at the Pony Club Area Trials at Tullymurry. (FW32-527JG)

PONY Club members from around Northern Ireland enjoyed the fantastic facilities at Tullymurry Equestrian Centre, Downpatrick for their annual Area Trials in July.

Over 170 young riders arrived at the event hosted by East Down Branch. The more senior members were competing for the opportunity to travel to England for the UK Championships, while younger/ less experienced riders opted for the Regional qualifiers, hoping to travel to the Borders to compete against Scottish and English regional teams.

DETERMINED: Sam McElroy on ‘Tutti Frutti’ representing Iveagh Penguins won the Regional Individual class in arena 1 at the Pony Club Area Trials at Tullymurry. (FW32-526JG)

East Down Branch committee would like to thank the Turley family and all the team at Tullymurry for the magnificent effort put in to ready the venue, and the army of volunteers from across Area 17 who made the event possible.


Open Competition

Team: 1) Iveagh A team: Aoibheann Morgan, Conal McGrath, Hollie Smith, Kathryn McGaffin.

Individual: 1) Toni Quail, East Down; 2) Hollie Smith, Iveagh; 3) Alex Clelland, East Down; 4) Conal McGrath, Iveagh; 5) Kathryn McGaffin, Iveagh; 6) Connor McClory, Iveagh.

Intermediate Competition

Team: 1) North Down Red: Hannah Morrow, Katie O’Reilly, Kathryn McKibbin, Jas Hogg; 2) East Down Owls: Charis Vinaccia, Tom Rowlatt-McCormick, Tom Rowlatt-McCormick; 3) Iveagh Pandas: Katherine O’Hare, Carly Douglas, Kathryn McGaffin; 4) Mid Antrim Inter A: Hannah Thompson, Kirstin Thom, Ami McNeice, Josh Mark; 5) Seskinore A: Lindsay McIvor, Scott McIvor, Ella Duncan, Fergal McKinney; 6) Iveagh Dalamations: Chloe Harrison, Helen Sinton, Laura King, Kate Shields.


Arena 1: 1) Kathryn McKibbin, North Down; 2) Tom Rowlatt-McCormick, East Down; 3) Rachel Lockyear, East Antrim; 4) Hannah Morrow, North Down; 5) Emma-Jane Orr, Iveagh; 6) Katherine O’Hare, Iveagh.

Arena 2: 1) Catie Slater, Iveagh; 2) Katie Shields, Iveagh; 3) Katie O’Reilly, North Down; 4) Scott McIvor, Seskinore; 5) Jas Hogg, North Down; 6) Charis Vinnacia, East Down.

Novice Competition

Team: 1) Iveagh Zebras: Ellie McIlroy, Ella McCallister, Sarah O’Shea, Felicity Ferris; 2) North Down Blues: Charlotte Keers, Emma McClenaghan, Kathryn McCaughan, Ellen Douglas; 3) Iveagh Skunks: David Kehoe, Emma Irwin, Rory Osborne, Harry Haire; 4) North Down White: Hannah Wilding, Samantha Edgar, Felicity Johnson, Ella Heron; 5) Allsorts: Julia Herron, Anna White My Mclean, Zoe Dickey; 6) Mid Antrim Novice A: Jamie-Lee Mark, Hannah Thompson, Hannah Woolsey, Charlotte Wiley.


Arena 1: 1) Ellie McElroy, Iveagh; 2) David Kehoe, Iveagh; 3) Charlotte Keers, North Down; 4) Caoimhe Crozier, East Down; 5) Hannah Wilding, North Down; 6) Sophia Williams, Seskinore.

Arena 2: 1) Anna White, Killutagh; 2) Sarah Moore, Iveagh Piebalds; 3) Sophie Dunlop, East Down; 4) Grace Moore, Tullylagan; 5) Claire Murnaghan, Seskinore; 6) Laura McGlennon, North Down.

Arena 3: 1) Maria Carr, Route; 2) Hannah Woolsey, Mid Antrim; 3) Sarah O’Shea, Iveagh; 4) Zara Craigs, East Antrim; 5) Felicity Johnston, North Down; 6) Rory Osborne, Iveagh.

Arena 4: 1) Ellen Douglas, North Down; 2) Felicity Ferris, Iveagh; 3) Darragh Hanlon, East Down; 4) Sophie Bennett, Iveagh; 5) Ella Heron, North Down; 6) Bethany Cardwell, Iveagh.

Regional Competition

Teams: 1) Iveagh Puffins: Niamh McClory, Lara Jameson, Poppy Moore, Katie Robinson; 2) East Down Eagles: Ceolagh Crozier, Katie Watson, Tara Emmett; 3) Killutagh A: Katie Topley, Rosey Herron, Anna McErlean, Lucy McDowell; 4) North Down Stars: Elsa McCallum, Olivia Byrne, Hannah Patterson, Lauren Taylor; 5) Iveagh Swallows: Aaron Duncan, Eabha Mellon, Thea Walsh, Zara Smyth; 6) Route Reg A: Leah McCulloch, Heather Fulton, Leah McCulloch.


Arena 1: 1) Sam McElroy, Iveagh; 2) Zara Smyth, Iveagh; 3) Elsa McCallum, North Down; 4) Ceolagh Crozier, East Down; 5) Niamh McClory, Iveagh; =6) Leah McCulloch, Route; Katie Topley, Killutagh.

Arena 2: 1) Katie Watson, East Down; 2) Lorne Walsh, Iveagh; 3) Jo Henry McCool, Mid Antrim; 4) Olivia Byrne, North Down; 5) Rosey Herron, Killutagh; 6) Abbie Wylie, Tullylagan.

Arena 3: 1) Heather Fulton, Route; 2) Poppy Moore, Iveagh; 3) Molly Davidson, Iveagh; 4) Anna McErlean, Killutagh; 5) Eabha Mellon, Iveagh; 6) Ella Rose Livingstone, Iveagh.

REGIONAL WINNER: Katie Watson on ‘Connie’ representing East Down Eagles was Regional Individual winner in arena 2 at the Pony Club Area Trials at Tullymurry. (FW32-525JG)

Arena 4: 1) Bethany Smith, Iveagh; 2) Lucy McDowell, Killutagh; 3) Patrick Cunningham, East Antrim; 4) Tara Emmett, East Down; 5) Patrick Williams, Seskinore; 6) Katie Robinson, Iveagh.


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