Easter sunshine delight at Iveagh Derby at Moyallon

Iveagh Easter Derby BR Farm
1M WINNER: Victoria Lee on ‘Duffy’, winner of the 1m class at the Iveagh Easter Derby, receive their prize from Vanne Campbell. (FW18-525NN)

IVEAGH Branch of the Pony Club held their annual Easter Derby, on Tuesday, April 23 at Moyallon. The sun shone and spirits were high. The classes were closely contested with Steven Smith and Billy McCombe designing and building a challenging course, including a three part Devil’s Dyke, a Derby bank, a Drop Fence and many other challenging obstacles.

Iveagh was delighted to have Horse First as the generous sponsor of this show. Many thanks to Horse First, Billy McCombe, Steven Smith and all who helped at this event.

IN THE RIBBONS: Mya McDowell and ‘Imps Girl’ receive their rosette for placing fourth in the 1m class at the Iveagh Easter Derby from Vanne Campbell. (FW18-524NN)


Tuesday, April 23

Moyallon Easter Derby

70cm: 1) Amber Bradley; 2) Charlotte McCracken; 3) Kitty Cullen; 4) Sadie McMahon.

85cm: 1) Katie McCombe; 2) Katie Haire; 3) Lexi Kerr; 4) Eve Fitzsimmons.

WELL DONE: Meabh McIlduff and ‘Dusty’, came second in the 1m class at the Iveagh Easter Derby, pictured with Vanne Campbell. (FW18-523NN)

1.0m: 1) Victoria Lee; 2) Méabh McIlduff; 3) Victoria Lee; 4) Mya McDowell.


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