Elite sport in motion at Lusk Equestrian

Lusks dressage BR Farm
PLACED: Right third from top, Kerry Taylor and ‘Star’ on their way to sixth place in Class 3 Prelim at the dressage league at Lusk’s. (FW48-564NN)

SUNDAY, November 22 was so different at Lusk’s from the previous Sunday’s dressage, with glorious sunshine and ground conditions perfect in the three dressage arenas.

Dressage judges, Janet Hall, Mark Robinson and Jill Delaney with their scribes, worked hard throughout the day to give the competitors their scores.

WELL TURNED OUT: Amber Cloughley and ‘Touch of Ferro’ were very well turned out in Class 2 Newcomers Prelim at the dressage league at Lusk’s. (FW48-563NN)

Unfortunately, in line with the COVID rules, Lusk Equestrian have had to postpone the last two weeks of the league until hopefully in the early part of 2021 – please watch Lusk’s Facebook page and Farm Week for the new dates.

However, Lusk’s Christmas Derby is still taking place on December 13 for some festive sport and cheer! Enter early to secure a slot.


Dressage League

Class 1 – Intro: 1) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington; 2) Sarah McClay, Lisavon Tigger; 3) Sarah Irvine, Remy; 4) Tara Moneypenny, Hoeks Rory; =5) Lindsay Kirk, Moygannon Diamond Girl; Caoimhe Crozier, Monty.

Class 2 – Newcomers Prelim: 1) Caoimhe Cozier, Monty; 2) Faith Byrne Fitzpatrick, Carrick Diamond Simba; 3) Molly O’Connor, Todd; 4) Sharon Maughan, As you Wish Cavaluz; 5) Rachel Moore, Tina; 6) Rachel Moore, Chester.

Class 3 – Prelim: 1) Connor Savage, Hip Hop; 2) Chloe Rooney, Paddington; 3) Charlotte de Montmorency, Ozzy; 4) Rebecca Nickells, Rosie; 5) Lisa Torrens, Gerrit VDL; 6) Kerry Taylor, Star.

Class 4 – Novice: 1) Sarah Irvine, Harry; 2) Alex O’Hare, Greylands Diamond Girl; 3) Emily Corbett, Tiny; 4) Tom Rowlatt McCormick, Mon Aine Lme; 5) Barbara Hanna, Maverick; 6) Charlotte de Montmorency, Sam.

Class 5 – Elementary: 1) Ella Boyle, Denali; 2) Ella Boyle, Daisy; 3) Hannah Blakey, Clerkson; 4) Ellen McDonald, Dante Alighieri; 5) Sarah Irvine, Harry; 6) Tara Dixon, Fred.

SMART: Sue Stevenson and ‘Skippy’ looking very smart as they compete in Class 3 Prelim at the dressage league at Lusk’s. (FW48-562NN)

Pony Club Results: 1) Anna Morrow, Rustums Jubilee; 2) Molly O’Connor, Coolnaleen Rebel; 3) Molly Goodwin, Toonsbridge Rascal; 4) Katie Donnelly, Kilderry Captain; 5) Rachel Fletcher, Lurgans Diamond Princess; 6) Rebecca Fletcher, Inishroan Midnight Clover.


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