Erin takes a ‘gamble’ on Storm Jorge at Hagans Croft’s Dressage

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DRESSAGE DOUBLE: Reese Hogg and ‘Smythy’ won both the Novice and Elementary classes at Hagans Croft. (FW10-521NN)

WITH the threat of another storm on the horizon, Hagans Croft ran their dressage competition as normal on Saturday, February 29. Indeed the morning competitors were blessed with sunshine and, shining down the centre line, came Erin Barlow riding ‘Creevelea Midnight Gambler’, who gained their highest score to date of 71.52% and trotted into first place in the Intro class. Improving on their score from last week, a delighted Amelia Wheeler and ‘Paddington’, saluted to a score of 70.87%. This pair have certainly come a long way over the past two years, developing a true friendship and bond between horse and rider, therefore truly deserving this success.

It was encouraging to see a total of nine competitors in the Newcomers class, taking on the challenge of a Prelim test. Out on top for a second week in a row was Robyn McMurray and ‘Royanna’, once again improving on their score from the previous week, finishing on a score of 69.47% and first place. However, hot on Robyn’s heels was Kaiti McCann and her beautiful Friesian ‘Ronaldo’, coming home with the blue ribbon with a score of 68.68%. Well done!

PRELIM: Clare Steele and ‘Frankie’ on their way to second place in the Prelim class at Hagans Croft. (FW10-520NN)

Thankfully, Storm Jorge had precious little impact on the morning session, but he certainly made an appearance for the Prelim class. Even with the testing conditions, three competitors stood out for judge Claire Sedgeman, with all three finishing with scores in the mid 70s. Antoinette Milligan was delighted with ‘Kings Appraisal’s’ performance and was delighted to be awarded first place with 73.75%. Husband and wife duo, Jonny and Clare Steele, battled it out for second and third placings with 0.42 per cent separating them. However, it was Clare out in front with ‘Frankie’ on 71.88% and second place, with Jonny in third with ‘Bella’ on 71.46%. It was a super day at the office for this pair!

Then it was on to the Novice class, where there were no fair weather riders in sight. As the sleet came sideways, Reese Hogg and ‘Smythy’ battled to stay straight up the centre line, however pulled off a superb test, finishing on a score of 67.68% and first place. ‘Alghan Nipper’ was not impressed with the weather conditions, making every effort to shield himself from the wind and sleet, nevertheless he and Rachel Freil performed a superb test, scoring 66.61% to secure second place.

Low on the ground for the Elementary class, Reese Hogg and ‘Smythy’ were the only pair to take on the challenge and they certainly did not disappoint! With a jaw-dropping working trot across the diagonal, there was no denying them the 8.0 on their score sheet and their overall score of 66.43! They were a pleasure to watch!

Thank you to all the competitors, who supported the penultimate week of the league. Hagans Croft hopes to see you all again next week for the final.

Thanks are extended to judge Claire Sedgeman and to all the stewards, who make the event run so smoothly. Saturday, March 7 is the final week of the dressage league.

The final is open to all competitors, even if you are not wishing to qualify for the league. To qualify for the final, each horse/ pony and rider combination must compete in three out of the six weeks and within the same dressage class. Competitors must be present at the final to be eligible for league placings. Scoring is based on a points system and details of league scores can be found on Hagans Croft’s website or facebook page. Rosettes are awarded to the first six placings each week and within the overall league placings. Everyone is welcome to compete at the final, with a separate prize giving held for those competing on the day and those competing within the league.

Please see website: wwwhaganscroft or facebook for more details or contact Gillian on 07849 106453.


Saturday, February 29

Class 1 – Intro – BritIsh Dressage Intro C, 2016: 1) Erin Barlow, Creevelea Midnight Gambler 71.52%; 2) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington 70.87%; 3) Megan Houston, Titch 69.57%; 4) Katie Donnelly, Granstown Bobby Dazzler 68.48%; 5) Joanne Martin, Artic Robin 67.39%; 6) Sara McComb, Back to Black 65.87%.

Class 2 – Newcomers – British Dressage Prelim 1, 2006: 1) Robyn McMurray, Royanna 69.47%; 2) Kaiti McCann, Ronaldo 68.68%; 3) Rosie McCormick, Indigo Rose 67.11%; 4) Erin Barlow, Extra Innings M2s 65.79%; 5) Charlotte Moore, Flora 65%; 6) Charlotte Douglas, Rielly 64.74%.

Class 3 – Prelim – British Dressage Prelim 14, 2006: 1) Antoinette Milligan, King’s Appraisal 73.75%; 2) Clare Steele, Frankie 71.88%; 3) Jonny Steele, Bella 71.46%; 4) Jonny Steele, Fred 68.75%; 5) Susan Scott, Moher Made 68.33%; 6) Erin Barlow, Drumillys Dan 67.5%.

Class 4 – Novice – British Dressage Novice 27, 2007: 1) Reese Hogg, Smythy 67.68%; 2) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 66.61%.

RUNNERS UP: Kaiti McCann and ‘Ronaldo’ claimed the runner up spot in the Newcomers class at Hagans Croft. (FW10-519NN)

Class 5 – Elementary – British Dressage Elementary 50, 2007: 1) Reese Hogg, Smythy 66.43%.


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