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Eringold Milk Replacers give calves the right start

OVER 25 years ago Robert Mollan started out selling calf milk replacer for Schils BV Holland and over the years he has grown Eringold significantly and now, along with his son Chris, Eringold Milk Replacers has expanded its portfolio to selling three high quality calf milk replacers for both dairy and beef calves.

The Eringold range of milk replacers is packed full of quality ingredients to ensure that cal-ves have enough energy and proteins to optimise their growth potential.

The high levels of milk proteins along with a balanced amino acid profile ensure that the milk replacers are highly digestible to young calves, thus improving rumen development and skeletal growth.

The first 12 weeks of a young calf’s life is vitally important. Although a good quality con-centrate and fresh straw should be readily available to a calf from as early as week one, milk replacer is the main driving force for this development and growth.

Especially in young heifers, studies have demonstrated that increased energy and protein intake associated with higher levels of milk replacer feeding increases growth of mammary glands in heifer calves from two to eight weeks of age.

The extent of development of mammary glands in heifers is important, because the number of mammary cells is a major factor limiting milk production so increased feeding of quality milk replacers at a young age in heifer calves should result in a higher milk yield when mature.

With calf disease and scour being a challenge on many farms, Eringold adds in some extra ingredients to make sure that the calves have adequate protection with the addition of digestive aids and immunity support to help protect calves from digestive upsets and scours within their early stages of life.



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