Eugene Mallon – from fancy fowl to aviary birds

Ducks 14-5-20 SM Farm

Eugene Mallon is well known in the fancy fowl for his breeding of high quality birds. A critic of his own stock, his Rhode Island Reds – which he kept in both bantam and large – oozed quality, as did his Welsummers.

In fact, I would say Eugene bred for perfection and he competed against the best at home and across the water at the major shows with his various breeds.

As well as his wins in the Rhode Island Reds, a few years ago his white call duck won

best ducklet at the English National, and the following year it came second at the English


His Pile Dutch where among the best in Ireland and the UK, winning their classes at the National and local shows.

More recently his Welsummers where drawing attraction at the shows.

Eugene is seen as a character in the poultry world and on one occasion at the English National he disappeared to buy another of his loves, the Ragdoll cats.

Sadly, all his birds, etc, had to go due to Eugene losing his premises. The quality of his stock was evident and was soon snapped up by other show people looking to get good lines and knowing the hard work that Eugene had put into them.

Not to be deterred by his loss of premises and his love of birds, Eugene has kept his foot in the Fancy as secretary of Armagh Agricultural Poultry Show and more recently filling up the aviary. Without doubt Eugene will be pushing for perfection with these as well.

As a fellow poultry fancier I wish Eugene every success with his new adventure and hope that he will continue to come to the poultry shows and auction in Carlisle once the lockdown is over.

In conclusion, I hope that all fanciers are staying safe during this hard time and we look forward to meeting up again.


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