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Extra funding for Canadian climate change research

The Canadian government is providing an additional $5.9 million (£3.3 million) for on-farm research to tackle climate change.

The Living Lab-Eastern Prairies project ran throughout the last year on farms within the Upper Oak Lake, Swan Lake, North Shannon Creek and Main Drain watersheds.

The initiative is part of a nationwide network funded by the Canadian agriculture department.

Other sites launched to date include Living Lab Atlantic in Prince Edward Island and Living Lab Quebec.

The Living Laboratories Initiative is a collaborative approach that involves farmers and experts from many disciplines in the development and testing of innovative agricultural practices and technologies.

The ultimate goal is to accelerate the development and adoption of best management practices and technologies by farmers.

The technologies and best management practices developed under the initiative are helping to give Manitoban farmers the tools to adjust to climate change and better address water quality, soil conservation and improve biodiversity on agricultural landscapes.

Some of the key research includes work to: enhance habitats for beneficial insects; develop better tile draining practices; evaluate new approaches to prevent nutrient, water and habitat losses in the Eastern Prairies; and, evaluate the use of regenerative grazing management to capture and sequester carbon in grassland soil.

Currently, farmers within these watersheds are taking part in a projects that include the construction of perennial grassed runways and buffer strips, cover cropping, inter-cropping, and poly cropping, and the construction of small wetland retention ponds.

Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau said: “For Prairie farmers to keep feeding Canadians and people around the world sustainably, they need to get their hands on the right tools as quickly as possible.

“This innovative, collaborative research approach will help Manitoban farmers get the tailored tools they need to drive productivity in a sustainable manner.”



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