Extra IM Calf Powder for lively calves

ON FARM: Ryan Burns discussing Extra IM Calf Powder with Harold Bothwell.

BOTHWELL Farm Supplies are suppliers and manufacturers of calving equipment, polydome calf warmers and hutches, O’Neill Calf/Sheep staller, calf pens, calf feed gates and headlocks, to name but a few.

They also stock Extra IM Calf Powder which they say is the solution for healthy calves, being a feed supplement rich in antioxidants. It improves the overall health of the calf.

Harold Bothwell said, “Prevention is better than cure so as a preventative, Extra IM promotes a good start for calves and optimum growth for heifers, on which the future productivity of the farm depends.”

Healthy calves fed on Extra IM will be very lively with a great coat, more appetite and better growth. A better immune system means they will get better quicker if they pick up any infection.

Alwyn and Ryan Burns have been using this calf powder for a number of years now and say: “It is good for starting calves. It gets them going well and helps them thrive from a young age.

“It gives them a good shine and keeps them strong with a better immune system. We will continue using this product and would strongly recommend it.”


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