Fantasia result for Glenpark flock

Beltex Balmoral SM Farm

The results are in for Balmoral Show, the first event in the Beltex Sheep Society’s virtual show season, which was judged on Wednesday, May 12.

Taking the championship was a shearling ewe from Kenny Preston in the shape of Glenpark Fantasia ET, pictured right, which is sired by Faughhill Detroit and out of Munreary Diamond, a Skiddaw View Trapper daughter.

Judge Andrew Baillie, of the Callacrag Flock, commented: “The champion looks to have all the qualities I like! She’s well-muscled with great length and width and also good style and character.”

In reserve was a ram lamb named Ardstewart Gandalf ET from Wade and Alison McCrabbe’s Ardstewart Flock. His pedigree features Swffryd Express on to Ardstewart Devotee, a Kingledores Crusader daughter. Andrew commented: “The reserve is showing great promise at a young age with real flash, but also good length and shape.”

Reserve to the Supreme Champion in the female section was Wade and Alison’s aged ewe, Ardstewart Dimple, which is a daughter of the imported Igo V/D Drie Musschen, with their winning ewe lamb which is in fact a full ET sister to the aforementioned Gandalf.

Among the males, the second prize ram lamb, Bodoney Gladiator, from Andrew and Jamie McCutcheon, picked up the Reserve Male honours.

He is, in fact, sired by the winning aged ram, Culsh Elvis, a Lyonpark Drew son.

Winning the shearling ram class was Derryogue Fidget, a Kingledores Emperor son from Edward and Shirlee Nicholson.


Aged Ram: 1 (3), A & J McCutcheon, Bodoney, JKM.E019; 2 (4), E & S Nicholson, Derryogue, KDS.E069; 3 (2), M Priestley, Mount View, MAT.E063.

Shearling Ram: 1 (1), E & S Nicholson, Derryogue, ESN.F017; 2 (3), E & S Nicholson, Derryogue, ESN.F005; 3 (2), Alisha O’Kane, Inver Ru, AOK.F069.

Ram Lamb: 1 (3), W & A McCrabbe, Ardstewart, AST.G048; 2 (4), A & J McCutcheon, Bodoney, JAM.G036; 3 (2), D Brown & M Latimer, Brownville, DWR.G034.

Aged Ewe: 1 (4), W & A McCrabbe, Ardstewart, AST.D026; 2 (3), S Graham, Riverview, KDS.D061; 3 (2), M Priestley, Mount View, ASA.B1313.

Shearling Ewe: 1 (6), K Preston, Glenpark, KSP.F045; 2 (9), G Beacom, Lakeview, JFF.F080; 3 (8), E & S Nicholson, Derryogue, ESN.F013.

Ewe Lamb: 1 (4), W & A McCrabbe, Ardstewart, AST.G040; 2 (1), S Graham, Riverview, STU.G001; 3 (3), M Priestley, Mount View, AMP.G002.

Male Champion – Ram Lamb: W & A McCrabbe, Ardstewart, AST.G048; Reserve Male – Ram Lamb, A & J McCutcheon, Bodoney, JAM.G036; Female Champion – Shearling Ewe, Glenpark, KSP.F045.

Reserve Female – Aged Ewe: Ardstewart, AST.D026.

Supreme Champion – Shearling Ewe: Glenpark, KSP.F045; Reserve Supreme – Ram Lamb: W & A McCrabbe, Ardstewart, AST.G048.


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