Fantastic day at Beth’s Charity Show

Beth's Charity Show BR Farm
IN THE RIBBONS: Ben Foster had a super day, placing three times with a Maisiea at Bethas Charity Show. (FW35-562NN)

BANK Holiday Monday, August 27 saw the annual Beth’s Charity Show hosted by Chantal and Rafael Suarez at the fabulous Portmore Equestrian Centre, Aghalee.

Beth, who suffers from Freidrichs Ataxia, and her family were in attendance, selling fabulous home-baked goods and they thoroughly enjoyed their day.

PLACED: Caitlin Vallely was delighted with her new horse, placing in the 75cm Speed class at Beth's Charity Show. (FW35-561NN)

The day raised almost £5,000 for Beth, which will help pay for her physiotherapy and hopefully help make her life that little bit easier. A huge thank you to everyone who came to support and all the many helpers.

Almost 260 horses and ponies jumped in the two fantastic arenas and competitors enjoyed a variety of classes and some superb prizes.

The Doagh Equestrian Welcome Stakes started proceedings in Ring One and this was won by Cora McNulty and ‘Pippa’. Nicola McClelland jumped a fabulous clear with ‘Wee Todd’ to win the early bird prize.

Young Alfie Adair had a cracking day, including a win on ‘Whinny’ in the Horse First 90cm class and several other top placings. The Bluegrass Speed was an exciting class and Sarah Kee came out on top. Craig Kileef from Bluegrass was on hand to present the prizes.

The Light Source metre stakes was won in fine style by Rachel McCaughey.

The Dubarry Eraser Speed Stakes followed and Nicole Barr took the honours from young Rocco Quinn, who had a fantastic day.

Claire-Maria Currie sponsored the 1.10m class and this was won by Jonny Steele, with Rocco again taking second.

These two also battled it out for the top two spots in the Clandeboye Lodge Hotel two-fence challenge, with Jonny just squeaking ahead.

Ring 2 was inside under the watchful eye of Dora Beacom. The cross-pole class was spectacular, with some youngsters competing at their first show, including young hostess, Sophia Suarez.

Camella McDowell provided the prizes for the first three classes in this arena.

The JCB 60cm was the first class to have a timed second phase and Catherine Cowan came out on top.

The 70cm was a very exciting class and this was won by last in Taylor McKnight, who had a blistering round on ‘Astro’. Taylor set up a treble, winning the 75cm Speed and the 80cm classes as well. Sienna Dalzell also had a great day, picking up two top placings.

Caitlyn Vallely was delighted with her first outing on her new horse, picking up a placing in the 75cm Speed class.


Monday, August 27

Beth’s Charity Show

Ring one

Doagh Equestrian 80cm Welcome Stakes: 1) Cora McNulty, Pippa; 2) Abbie Irwin, Josie; 3) Alfie Adair, Smithy; 4) Sarah Cowan, Take Two; 5) Alfie Adair, Seth; 6) Stephanie Elliot, Mila.

Horse First 90cm: 1) Alfie Adair, Whinny; 2) Rhonda Hall, Billy Little; 3) Lana Turner, Dawn; 4) Alison Crothers, Roxy; 5) Hazel Trimble, Dee; 6) Karlee Anderson, Mags.

Bluegrass 90cm Speed: 1) Sarah Kee, Nonavic Kismet; 2) Mairead Smith, Remo; 3) Dean Cotton, Aurora; 4) Hazel Trimble, Olivia; 5) Anna Larkin, Tara Ash; 6) Nicola McLoughlin, Pinot.

Light Source Renewable Energy Metre: 1) Rachel McCaughey, Pollyanna; 2) Caitie Slater, Rock Temple; 3) Jessica Nelson, Fixy; 4) Emily McAllister, Rocknaree; 5) Gemma Chambers, Misty; 6) Hannah Thompson, Cara.

Dubarry 1.05m Eraser Stakes: 1) Nicole Barr, Florida Daydream; 2) Rocco Quinn, Princess; 3) Rachel McCaughey, Pollyanna; 4) Ian Moore, Triple C; 5) Kirsten Thom, Slemish Rio Grande; 6) Rocco Quinn, Pixie.

Claire-Maria Currie 1.10m: 1) Jonny Steele, Henry; 2) Rocco Quinn, Princess; 3) Caitie Slater, Rock Temple; 4) Robyn McFadden, Zephyr; 5) Ella Grant, Dude; 6) Ian Moore, Triple C.

Clandeboye Lodge Hotel two-fence challenge: 1) Jonny Steele, Henry; 2) Rocco Quinn, Pixie.

Ring 2

Cross-poles: =1) Jeannette McGuinness, Moby; Lauren Hannah, Honey; Ross Will, Ben; Sophie Suarez, Emma; James Donnelly, Wendy; Grace McFadden, Polly; Abbey Knox, Spirit; Owen Larkin, Sinita; Ross McGill, Spike; Henry McCarthy, Henry; Isaac McCarthy, Zara; Freddie Castles, Charlie; Lilly Brown, Babe; William Steele, Spot; Ruby Thompson, Becky; Alfie Hagan, Spot; Serena Brown, Crunchie; Jamie Newsam, Harvey.

40cm: =1) Rebecca McAdams, Polly; Peter Larkin, Sinita; Ross McGill, Spike; Freddie Castles, Charlie; Mischa Lennon, Tango; Lauren Hannah, Honey; Isaac McCarthy, Zara; Serena Brown, Crunchie.

50cm: =1) Freddie Castles, Charlie; Mischa Lennon, Tango; Rebecca McAdams, Peggy; Peter Larkin, Sinita; Hannah Lusty, Moby; Sasha Strange, Lilly; Lorraine Cardwell, Red; Jack Cowan, Jolly Jasper; Charlotte Nelson, Bonny.

JCB 60cm: 1) Catherine Cowan, Milly May; 2) Daniel Dallas, Rolo; 3) Rocco Quinn, Charlie; 4) Amy Murphy, Honey Bee; 5) Sasha Strange, Lilly; 6) Ruby Thompson, Becky.

Doagh Equestrian 70cm: 1) Taylor McKnight, Astro; 2) Sienna Dalzell, Chester; 3) John Fitzpatrick Burns, Jake; 4) Ben Foster, Maisie; 5) Tina Smith, Blossom; 6) Kimberley Cotton, Rodeo Red.

Horse First 75cm Speed: 1) Taylor McKnight, Bambi; 2) Lynsey Barnett, Tidy; 3) Sienna Dalzell, Chester; 4) Ben Foster, Maisie; 5) Caitlyn Vallely, Dusty; 6) Kimberley Cotton, Rodeo Red.

JUMPING WELL: Freddie Castles had a great show at Beth's Charity Show, just back from breaking his collarbone. (FW35-560NN)

Bluegrass 80cm: 1) Taylor McKnight, Bambi; 2) Taylor McKnight, Astro; 3) Shane McGinley, Wee Fella; 4) Lynsey Barnett, Tidy; 5) Jessica McClements, Murphy; 6) Alice Grant, TT.


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