Fantastic evening for Team Mulligan at Ecclesville

Ecclesville BR Farm
CLEAR: Joan Crozier with Karla Crozier on ‘ Diamond’, who jumped double clear in the 60cm final and came third in the league at Ecclesville. (FW39-529JA)

THE Final of the fourth of Ecclesville’s Show jumping Leagues for 2019 was held on September 20 and it was again very competitive. With the Super League well underway, the top six in each class also won valuable points, as at the end of 2019, in each class from 60cm through to 1.10m, a perpetual trophy will be awarded to rider and horse combination with the most points.

The many spectators were treated to great displays of show jumping, as the competitors had to be both careful and speedy to negotiate Raymond Caldwell’s challenging courses! Omagh Equestrian and Countrywear had also kindly sponsored the Turnout Prizes for the Final, so this was an added bonus for the riders and grooms.

WELL DONE: Rianna Mulligan on ‘Marble’ were the winners in the 60cm class collecting her rosette from Marie King at Ecclesville. (FW39-528JA) PICTURES

The 60cm and 70cm classes were won by the very competitive Rhianna Mulligan and ‘Marble’. Her sister, Julia, picked up a very close second place in the 70cm class.

The 80cm red ribbon went to local girl, Sarah Boyle riding her lovely coloured pony, ‘Hey there Delilah’. Again Julia Mulligan and ‘Ruby’ slotted into the runner-up position in this class, but in the 90cm class Julia and ‘Ruby’ proved to be a class act and picked up the first place rosette.

The Super League for 2019 is looking very interesting after four Leagues. With several new combinations in the mix, the leader-board has again been given a good shake up!

Going into the final League for 2019, in the 60cm class it is very close with Cara Garrity and ‘Henry’ holding a very slender lead over Scarlett Knox and ‘Annie Mac’. Zara Hamilton and ‘Bambi’ are a few points ahead of Cara and ‘Scarlett’ in the 70cm class – but this one will be decided on November 29!

Molly Quinn and ‘Rosie’ will breathe a sigh of relief as, due to a football injury, Molly was unable to complete this league, but she still holds onto the lead in the 80cm class. There is no outright leader in either the 90cm, 1m and 1.10m classes, so still all to play for! The classes are all very competitive and all can change on the final night of League five on November 29, when the Super League Cups and Sashes will be awarded!

The organisers would like to take this opportunity to thank all the competitors who supported this league. Also sincere thanks to Raymond Caldwell, Course Builder; assisted by Malvern Moore; Jennifer Leonard, who assisted in the Judge’s box and to Omagh Equestrian and Countrywear for sponsoring the Turnout prizes.

The final league for 2019 is scheduled to start on Friday, November 1. For further details, please contact Sandra on 07990 541966 or Ecclesville on 028 8284 0591.


Friday, September 20

40cm Class (Double Clears):

Cara Somerville, Honeysuckle; Emily Bothwell, Killadeas Rosie; Tori Veitch, Penny; Katelyn McKernaghan, Smarties; Rhianna Donnelly, Cuddles; Ella-Jane Johnston, Archie; Cara Somerville, Penny.

60cm Class (Double Clears):

Katelyn McKernaghan, Smarties; Karla Crozier, Diamond; Sophie Johnston, Archie; Tori Lilley, Spot; Rhianna Mulligan, Marble; Lucy Currie, Cheerna; Shauna Murray, Softie; Cara Garrity, Henry; Scarlett Knox, Annie Mac.

70cm (Double Clears):

Scarlett Knox, Annie Mac; Rhianna Mulligan, Marble; Julia Mulligan, Ruby; Karol Kelly, Twix.

80cm (Double Clears):

Lionel Johnston, Jack; Julia Mulligan, Ruby; Amanda Magee, Rosie; Sarah Boyle, Hey there Delilah; Nancy Scott, Seapatrick Bertie.

90cm (Double Clears):

Julia Mulligan, Ruby; Jordana Mitchell, Rosie; Zara Keys, Joey; Cathal Donnelly, Porsche; Shauneen Gallagher, Liz.

1m (Double Clears):

Hannah Thompson, Murph; Zara Keys, Fred; Jordana Mitchell, Rosie.

1.10m (DoubleClear):

Zara Keys, Fred.


40cm: =1) Cara Somerville, Honeysuckle; Emily Bothwell, Killadeas Rosie; Katelyn McKernaghan, Smarties; Ella-Jane Johnston, Archie (turnout prize).

60cm: 1) Rhianna Mulligan, Marble; 2) Scarlett Knox, Annie Mac; 3) Karla Crozier, Diamond; 4) Cara Garrity, Henry; 5) Tori Lilley, Spot; 6) Shauna Murray, Softie.

Turnout Prize: Katelyn McKernaghan, Smarties.

70cm: 1) Rhianna Mulligan, Marble; 2) Julia Mulligan, Ruby; 3) Scarlett Knox, Annie Mac; 4) Cara Garrity, Henry; 5) Shauna Murray, Softie.

80cm: 1) Sarah Boyle, Hey there Delilah; 2) Julia Mulligan, Ruby (Turnout prize); 3) Amanda Magee, Rosie; 4) Lionel Johnston, Jack.

90cm: 1) Julia Mulligan, Ruby; 2) Shauneen Gallagher, Liz (Turnout prize); 3) Jessica Honeyman, Cooper; 4) Sarah Boyle, Hey there Delilah.

HELPING HAND: Katelyn McKernaghan on ‘Smarties’ is helped to get ready for the 60cm class during the Ecclesville Show Jumping League Finals. The effort was worth it, as the pair claimed the Turnout Prize. (FW39-527JA)

1m and 1.10m: No eligible competitors.


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