Fantastic finale at Ecclesville

THE fifth and final of Ecclesville’s Show jumping Leagues for 2017 was held on December 22 and it was a great night of jumping, as not only the League prizes were up for grabs, but beautiful perpetual trophies were also being awarded!

The spectators were treated to great jump-offs, as the competitors had to be both careful and speedy to negotiate Raymond Caldwell’s challenging courses! Omagh Equestrian and Countrywear had also kindly sponsored the Turnout Prizes for the Final, so this was an added bonus for the riders and grooms.

Caitlin Kelly riding her lovely pony, ‘Blondie’ was on fine form winning the 60cm and ensuring her lead in the Super League!

Lucie-Ann Abbott and ‘Louie’ just pipped her sister, Tiana-Grace with ‘Henry’, to take first place in the 70cm class. This was an extremely close class with just a second separating the top three.

Another very talented rider, Freya Sayle ran away with the 80cm and 90cm classes, on her very speedy pony ‘Balford’. Freya continued her winning streak by claiming the red ribbon in the 1m class riding Monty. The 1.10m winner, to round off a very exciting evening of jumping, was Roisin Blaney riding ‘Venus’.

With some the new combinations picking up valuable Super League points, it left the final tally on the league table very interesting! The first of the riders to step on to the podium was Caitlin Kelly, winner of the RD Equestrian 60cm class.

The Sea Rose 70cm perpetual trophy was awarded to a delighted Tiana-Grace Abbott. Freya Sayle then took centre stage as she picked up the 80cm Boyd Cup and the AJS Promotions 90cm Cup. The Farm Feeds 1m Cup was awarded by Raymond Caldwell to Barbara Coultar.

Roisin Blaneys’ win in the 1.10m class ensured her the Ecclesville Cup for the second year in a row!

The organisers would like to take this opportunity thank all the many competitors who supported this league and the 2017 Super League. Also sincere thanks to Raymond Caldwell, Course Builder, assisted by Malvern Moore, to Jennifer Leonard who assisted in the Judges box and to Omagh Equestrian and Countrywear for sponsoring the Turnout prizes.


Friday, December 22

40cm Class (Double Clears): Shauna Murray, Peter; Sarah-Jane Sloane, Prince; Lucy McKeown, Piccolo; Lexie McKeown, Mowgli; Niamh Lunney, Mowgli; Sarah-Jane Sloane, Lily; Brid Sweeney, Barney Bear; Dara Flynn, Peter.

60cm Class (Double Clears): Caitlin Kelly, Blondie; Sarah Boyle, Hey There Delilah; Niamh Harper, Ben.

70cm (Double Clears): Tiana-Grace Abbott, Henry; Lucy-Anne Abbott, Louie; Rhyann McPhillips, Ben; Caitlin Kelly, Blondie; Emily Marshall, Annie Mac; Zara-Jane Kelly, Chester; Mollie Quinn, Rosie; Jessica Honeyman, Star; Niamh Donnelly, Bluebell; Niall Bruce, Chubba; Edward Liggett, Peter Pan.

80cm (Double Clears): Chloe Mitchell, Henry; Emily Marshall, Annie Mac; Amy Noble, Storm; Maeve McNally, Mrs Chatterbox; Freya Sayle, Balford.

90cm (Double Clears): Clara Daly, Minstrel; Lisa McFarland, Magic; Clara Daly, Lucky; Clara Daly, Mr Grey; Freya Sayle, Balford.

1m (Double Clears): Roisin Blaney, Ria; Freya Sayle, Monty; Roisin Blaney, Venus; Darren Irwin, Sho.

1.10m (Double Clears): Roisin Blaney, Venus; Darren Irwin, Sho.


40cm: =1) Shauna Murray, Peter; Sarah-Jane Sloane, Prince; Brid Sweeney, Barney Bear; Dara Flynn, Peter; Lucy McKeown, Piccolo (Turnout prize); Sarah-Jane Sloane, Lily (Turnout Prize).

60cm: 1) Caitlin Kelly, Blondie; 2) Niamh Harper, Ben; 3) Lucy Ann Abbott, Louie; 4) Sarah-Jane Sloane, Lily; Sarah Boyle, Hey there Delilah (Turnout prize).

70cm: 1) Lucy-Ann Abbott, Louie; 2) Tiana-Grace Abbott, Henry; 3) Caitlin Kelly, Blondie; 4) Emily Marshall, Annie Mac; 5) Edward Liggett, Peter Pan; 6) Rhyann McPhillips, Ben; Jessica Honeyman, Star (Turnout prize).

80cm: 1) Freya Sayle, Balford; 2) Chloe Mitchell, Henry; 3) Emily Marshall, Annie Mac; 4) Amy Noble, Storm; 5) Jessica Honeyman, Star; 6) Tiana-Grace, Henry; Emma Mooney, Mr Barney (Turnout Prize).

90cm: 1) Freya Sayle, Balford; 2) Lisa McFarland, Magic; 3) Emma Mooney, Mr Barney; 4) Amy Noble, Storm; 5) Barbara Coultar, Sorcha (Turnout Prize).

1m: 1) Freya Sayle, Monty; 2) Roisin Blaney, Venus; 3) Roisin Blaney, Ria; 4) Barbara Coultar, Sorcha.

1.10m: 1) Roisin Blaney, Venus; 2) Freya Sayle, Monty.


60cm – RD Equestrian Cup: 1) Caitlin Kelly, Blondie (38 points); 2) Jessica Honeyman, Star (18 points); 3) Lucie-Ann Abbott, Louie (14 points).

70cm – Sea Rose Cup: 1) Tiana-Grace Abbott, Henry (36 points); 2) Caitlin Kelly, Blondie (28 points); 3) Lucie-Ann Abbott, Louie (18 points).

80cm – Boyd Cup: 1) Freya Sayle, Balford (30 points); 2) Tiana-Grace Abbott, Henry (19 points); 3) Lisa McFarland, Magic (10 points).

90cm – AJS Promotions Cup: 1) Freya Sayle, Balford (30 points); 2) Lisa McFarland, Magic (18 points); 3) Emma Mooney, Mr Barney (16 points).

1m – Farmfeeds Cup: 1) Barbara Coultar, Sorcha (28 points); 2) Freya Sayle, Monty (20 points).

1.10m – Ecclesville Cup: 1) Roisin Donnelly, Venus (10 points); 2) Freya Sayle, Monty (8 points).


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