Fantastic show jumping at Castlewellan

60CM: Left, Eileen O’Boyle on ‘Noodles’ took part in the 60cm Horse class at Castlewellan Show. (FW31-506NN)

THERE was a fantastic day’s jumping at Castlewellan Show, organised by Mossvale Riding Club.

Next up is the Mossvale Riding Club’s Summer Show jumping Show on Saturday, August 3 at 10am, then the Working Hunter Show with NIF Qualifiers on Saturday, August 24 at 10am.

RED RIBBON: Jenna Morton on ‘Misty’ won the 60cm horse class at Castlewellan Show. (FW31-505NN)

Show jumper Of the Year returns on Sunday, September 1 at 10am (details to follow). This is open to NI Riding Club members only.

All these shows will be held at Mossvale Equestrian Centre, Dromara.


Saturday, July 13

Show jumping at Castlewellan Show


Cross-poles: 1) Katie Walker, Blaze; 2) Charlie Black, Freddie; 3) Charlotte Hanna, Silver.

Also double clears: Cillian Lavery, Nina; Lauren Hamill, New Oak Honeymoon; Erin McCready, Mount pleasant Poppet; Abigail Buckley, Mount Pleasant Poppet; Lucy Baird, Pinky; Emma Baird, Pinky; CJ O’Brien, Pepsie O’Brien.

40cm: 1) C J O’Brien, Pepsi O’Brien.

50cm: 1) Hannah Orr, Humbug; 2) Chloe Walker, Blaze; 3) Aisling Gilchrist, Belle.

Also double clear: Lucas Bradley, Charlie; Rebekah McKinstry, Bob; Courtney McConnell, Molly.

60cm: 1) Aisling Cunningham, Daisy Sue; 2) Julianna Nelson, Star; 3) Lucas Bradley, Flynn.

Also double clear: Mollie Goodwin, Sahara Gold; Emma Kerr, Maddison; Callum McCory, Indianna Jones; Aisling Gilchrist, Belle.

70cm: 1) Molly Maggorrian, Roxy; 2) Jessica Wilson, Miss Akunamatta; 3) John Livingston, Percy Jackson; 4) Faye Murphy, Max; 5) Imogen Scott, Flash Harry; 6) Callum McClory, Indiana Jones.

80cm: 1) Molly McGinn, Giggles; 2) Ruby Kinkaid, Houdini; 3) Tierna Harper, Jessie; 4) Rachel Sands, Ten- a- Penny; 5) Rhianna McKibben, Jackson; 6) Sam Hamilton, Creegan Lady.

90cm: 1) Ruby Kinkaid, Houdini; 2) Rhianna McKibben, Jackson; 3) Molly Maggorrian, Roxy; 4) Anna Murray, The Jackson Five; 5) Tierna Harper, Jessie; 6) Rebekah McKinstry, Cornhill Rose.

1m: 1) Anna Murray, The Jackson Five; 2) Rebekah McKinstry, Cornhill Rose.


60cm: 1) Jenna Morton, Misty; 2) Eileen O’Boyle, Noodles.

70cm: 1) Luka Doran, Bob; 2) Donna Barron, Dreamer; 3) Emily Murphy, Cassie.

80cm: 1) Luka Doran, Bob; 2) Jemma Horrox, Mount Pleasant Capal; 3) Claire McIlveen, RIA; 4) Sharon Madine, Magel Angel; 5) Annie O’Hare, Brieffy Boy the 2nd; 6) Roberta Hampton, Joey.

90cm: 1) Kirsty McDowell, Dylan; 2) Ruth Baird, Untouchable Lady; 3) Darragh Baldwin, Brandy; 4) Roberta Hampton, Joey; 5) Michael Hardy, He’s the Lad; 6) Michaela Murphy, Buttons.

WARM UP: Sophie Sloan on ‘Little Me’ warming up in the practice arena at Castlewellan Show. (FW31-504NN)

1m: 1) Kevin McNally, Skylight; 2) Katie Gill, Keizer; 3) John Joe McCrickard, Bridge Rock; 4) Kirsty McDowell, Dylan.


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