Farmageddon launches new Hemp IPA beer

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Farmageddon Craft Brewery in Comber, County Down, is brewing an innovative beer with hemp.

The new Hemp IPA is brewed with hemp juice and pulp from a farm in County Monaghan. The brew contains the CBD associated with medicinal cannabis.

Eoin Wilson, one of the founders of Farmageddon, says blending hops and hemp is not as strange as it may sound.

He added: “The two plants are actually genetically related and would have smells and aromas that are similar depending what hops you are talking about.

“The hemp would be more like your Simcoe or Columbus hops, that piney, resinous. But as for the CBD in it or any medicinal benefits, we’ll not be making any claims because we haven’t tested for exact levels.

“What it was about for us was making an old school really hoppy IPA. There’s been a trend lately towards sweeter New England style IPAs, but this is definitely more bitter and dry.

“The hemp certainly added flavour and bitterness. On the IBU [beer bitterness] scale it’s 50, but it tastes more like 70.

“But it’s a lovely beer and it’s been selling like hot cakes. The first batch was 1,800 litres and it’s nearly all gone. But we’re planning another batch of about 2,000 litres.”

The brewers worked with Kama Hemp which is based near Clones and say their juice is the only organic hemp juice in Europe.


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