Farmer battles to feed sheep as Siberian storm wreaks havoc

Farming life episode 3 SM Farm
right: Aimee and Kirsty Budge of Bigton Farm, Shetland, feature in next week’s episode of This Farming Life, at 8pm, BBC 2, Wednesday. (February 27)

In the next episode of This Farming Life, on BBC 2 at 8pm next Wednesday, February 27, it’s the end of February and spring is around the corner.

In Shetland, sisters Kirsty and Aimee gather ewes off St Ninian’s Isle for a stock count and pregnancy diagnosing.

The next day a Siberian snowstorm hits the islands, grounding ferries and planes – Aimee’s plans to fly back to Aberdeen for a social engagement are in jeopardy.

In the Scottish Highlands, Raymond Irvine and his father Johnny must quickly gather in the sheep because Government inspectors have arrived to spot check that they have all the animals they’ve claimed for in a subsidy application.

But plans for the upcoming spring are thrown into disarray when the Siberian storm dubbed “The Beast from the East” hits Scotland, and despite Met Office issuing a red alerts for danger to life, Raymond must battle the elements to feed his sheep.

In Fife, Stevie Mitchell’s plans to become the first mozzarella producer in Scotland are taking shape, but when the storm arrives it wreaks havoc on the farm, and Stevie struggles to save the life of an older Buffalo who has severe hypothermia.


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