Farmers visit Strabane unit

50 June 3 1969 Strabane SM Farm

During the past week, at the invitation of county advisory officers, parties of farmers belonging to discussion and study groups from all over Northern Ireland have been visiting Strabane Agricultural School to study on the spot how the outstanding results on the farm are obtained.

Last Wednesday farmers from the Coleraine-Garvagh district in County Derry and the Dromore-Dromara district in County Down, visited the North-West school.

The school farm carries a typical range of crops and livestock. A range of trials and experiments – mainly of a type which are likely to have direct practical application to commercial farming – are conducted each year

to enable teaching to be kept up to date.

The school, while being primarily for student instruction, is run on commercial lines and comprehensive farm records are kept to assist in management and for teaching purposes.

The results of the records are made available to visiting farmers.


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