FarmFLiX offers glimpse into lives of farmers around the world

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FarmFLiX is an subscription based online documentary series capturing the lives of farmers as they go about their daily work.

FARMING has been br-ought well and truly into the 21st century with agricultural enth-

usiasts now able to

access an online docu-mentary series which de-livers a singular, undiluted focus on agriculture.

Geared towards the farming industry, online subscription service FarmFLiX delivers fresh content on a weekly basis which can be streamed 24/7 – much like Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime.

However, where FarmFLiX differs is that it is designed specifically for the farming community, uploading fresh videos filmed on location around the UK, Ireland and the USA.

Created in 2016 by Maghera man John McClean, FarmFLiX was borne out of his love for farming.

His father was a “hobby farmer” and John was bitten by the farming bug from a young age, however a “shortage of acres” put paid to any dreams of farming on a full-time basis.

Instead he pursued a career in softwear engineering, establishing a name for himself as documentary maker producing agricultural DVDs.

Tired of the stigma sur-rounding farming videos and the limitations of the format, John decided to harness the ever-growing power of the internet through his unique subscription service FarmFLiX.

“The content length (of each episode) varies from 15 minutes to half an hour, cut with a focus on quality without the fluff,” explained John.

“All episodes contain con-tent with substance, nothing is watered down because it’s primarily intended for people with farming knowledge, though people outside the industry would also enjoy the content,” he added.

Each episode typically takes a day to film with another two or three weeks spent by the team chopping the content. John says it can take approximately a week’s work to produce just 10 minutes of video of high enough quality to be uploaded for viewing.

The meticulous nature of the edits set each scene quickly and dive into the subject matter in depth. Dead-air and repetition are removed to keep the flow of conversation on topic and moving forward, designed to make it as consumable on a short lunch-break on a phone, as it is on a marathon binge-watch on the telly.

Looking at the content library it is impressive and simple, but a quick conversation with John soon reveals that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The challenge facing the FarmFLiX crew is the same unpredictability of a day on the farm that everyone faces, the weather halting progress or all systems go at short notice, adapting to the situation as it comes.

It is not all grind however, for John it is a labour of love. Every filming day is an opportunity to meet new people, see new locations and have new experiences that translate either into the final episode or a behind the scenes cut for their YouTube channel.

Says John: “I didn’t go to agricultural college so I love listening to farmers and operators showing me the basics of how and why they do things, I learn so much, and who doesn’t enjoy a well told story about a proper handlin’!”.

A major perk for the content contributors, those farmers and operators who feature, is the priceless documentation of history featuring their set-up in broadcast quality video.

At a time when robotics and technology are on the edge of shifting the agri industry forward again – possibly with as much impact as when the tractor replaced the horse – the stories documented are history in the making. FarmFLiX is always recruiting new people to feature so get involved in the mix and bring a perspective from your corner of the globe, use the contact details on the website to reach the team.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, three episodes are available for you to enjoy exclusively at for this weekend only.

To see more you will need to join the membership by Sunday, January 26, before the crew close the doors until Christmas 2020 and get back to filming fresh new episodes.


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