Farmhand and its BigM450 are busy ‘mowing the country’


FARMHAND, the exclusive Krone distributors for Ireland, claim to be ‘mowing the country’ with its demonstrator BigM450.

“Ireland is one of the biggest markets for BigM in the world,” said Stephen Scrivener from Farmhand. “A combination of tight harvest times, small fields and very heavy crops make the BigM a winner. On top of this, labour shortages are making the move to BigM more attractive to contractors,” he added.

Ben Buckley, a Dublin native who got his agri background from Cork, has joined Farmhand for the next six months to demonstrate the new BigM450 throughout the country.

“I am really looking forward to getting started. It’s going to be a big challenge but I’m confident the machine is like nothing else out there and I’m going to enjoy showing this to potential customers all over Ireland,” said Ben.

The demo tour will be starting in mid-May in Northern Ireland and is said to be ‘mowing the country’ all summer before its special unveiling at the National Ploughing Championships in Car-low this September. You can follow Ben’s progress on social media by following the Farmhand Ltd Facebook or Instagram feeds.


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