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Farming ‘not a blue or red issue’: NASDA

US Presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Joe Biden disagree on a number of agricultural issues, particularly trade.

Farming, however, is “not a red or blue issue,” according to the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), which has set out just what it wants to see from the next President.

According to the association, no matter who wins on November 3 they must:

n Preserve and expand market access for US food and agriculture products;

n Protect workers in the food and agriculture sector and increase availability of qualified labour;

n Prioritise keeping food safe for consumers;

n Expand rural broadband access for rural business and communities;

n Enhance resilience across the entire US food supply ecosystem;

n Invest in climate resiliency programmes;

n Expand market access.

NASDA wants to see existing trade deals implemented and new ones negotiated, including an agreement with the United Kingdom.

It said: “It’s critical that our next President includes key elements in his trade policy such as maintaining our presence in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which, with a bit of needed reform, sets clear rules of international trade for our farmers and ranchers.”



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