Fast genetic gain promotes flood of new young sires

n Genosource Captain - top genomic bull ranked on PLI.

SEVEN new Holsteins enter the top 10 ranking for young genomic sires published last week by AHDB Dairy, but the previous front-runner, Genosource Captain, clings on to the number one position.

With a Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI) of £861, Captain transmits high fat (50kg, +0.14%) and excellent feed savings seen through a negative Maintenance Index (-15). His daughters’ fertility is also predicted to be impressive (Fertility Index +10.7), while he is also the best bull for Lameness Advantage in the available young bull list (+4.5).

Hot on his heels is the new entry, Peak AltaPlinko (PLI £857), a son of Progenesis Marius from a Bomaz AltaTopshot dam. Plinko is the highest transmitter of combined fat and protein (47.6kg fat and +40.3kg protein) and also transmits an impressive 1,038kg milk.

His close relative (also a Marius x AltaTopshot, but from a different cow family) is Peak AltaZazzle, who ranks third (PLI £817). This new entry is the highest kg fat transmitter (53.2kg, +0.21%) and also offers solid daughter lifespan figures (+125 days).

Denovo 15848 Kenmore ranks fourth (PLI £811), transmitting good improvements to somatic cell count (SCC -24) and very good calf survival (CS +3.8). He too is newly available since the last (April) genetic evaluations.

In fifth place is DG Charley son, Denovo 14566 Crosby (PLI £806), with excellent udder health figures (-27 SCC, -4 Mastitis) as well as outstanding Lameness Advantage (+4.3).

The next four bulls in sixth to ninth place are again new entries. Leading the group is Denovo 3150 Generate (PLI £798), the highest milk components sire with massive Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTAs) of +0.31% fat and +0.19% protein. He combines this with good daughter fertility (FI +9.2).

Progenesis Banksy is hot on his heels at PLI £794, transmitting high milk (+1,006kg), fat (41.9kg) and protein (38.6kg). And close behind in eighth position is Co-op DD AltaHotmail (PLI £793), transmitting excellent maintenance (-17) and superb daughter lifespan (+168 days).

The fourth Denovo-bred sire in the top 10 is the ninth ranking Denovo 15826 Knight. One of the highest Type Merit bulls in the top 20 (+1.81 TM) and transmitting good maintenance (-13), he weighs in with a PLI of £788.

Rounding off the top 10 is Aardema Pistolero (PLI £782), offering the best daughter Fertility Index in the top 10 (+11.9).

Just outside the top 10 are another four new entries in the top 20: Winstar Kahlua (with the highest TM in the top 20 at +2.07); Denovo 15762 Cecil (the highest milk bull in the top 20 at +1,111kg); Denovo 15860 Keeva (also transmitting high milk at 1,072kg) and Peak Smudge (PLI £766).

The highest UK-bred sire, Denovo Invictus, squeezes into the top 20 with a PLI of £764.

Commenting on the high number of new sires which have made their debut in these August evaluations, Marco Winters, head of animal genetics for AHDB Dairy says: “This is a reflection of the rapid genetic gains being achieved by an extremely focussed group of sire breeders, and it is gratifying to see how they are broadening their selection across a range of traits which are important for sustainability, animal welfare and commercial performance.

“Whilst many of these bulls transmit extremely high production, they increasingly combine this with improved health, fertility and lower maintenance costs, helping profit-focussed producers breed efficient and easy-care cows.”


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