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Festive fun with Kilkeel Riding Club

KILKEEL Riding Club held a fun day of pony games and show jumping recently at the Gamekeepers Lodge Equestrian and Activity Centre. Great fun was had by everyone and it was the perfect way to start the Christmas holidays.

Two teams participated in the Mini games with the Santa Devils (Ellie Mae McGinn, Ruby Mulvenna and Abigail Grant) pipping the Snow Flakes (Amelia Grant, Jackson Burns and Ellie Steenson) at the post to take first place, while in the senior games, the Reckless Rudolphs (Tierna Harper, Chloe Flynn, Erin McCullough and Emma McDowell) came out first against the Bouncy Baubles (Katie Niblock, Lily Rose McGinn, Millie Mulvenna and Molly McGinn).

The club are also hosting a New Year Show jumping League, which will commence on Friday, January 7 also at The Gamekeepers Lodge, kindly sponsored by ENE Conveyor Systems in Banbridge.

The five-week league will run on a point-based system – the same rider/ horse combination must complete at four of the five weeks to be eligible for prizes.

This league is pre-entry and entries must be texted to 07783 683478 by 12 noon on Friday, January 7 for the first leg.

For further details, contact the club via Facebook.


Show jumping

Cross-poles: 1) Ruby Mulvenna, Dixie; 2) Amelia Grant, Sassy; 3) Abigail Grant, Sassy; 4) Ava Trainor, TBags; 5) Dolly Huddleston, Weewee Man; 6) Ellie Steenson, Jack.

40cm: 1) Ruby Mulvenna, Dixie; 2) Dolly Huddleston, Weewee Man.

50cm: 1) Dolly Huddleston, Weewee Man; 2) Jackson Burns, Billy.

60cm: 1) Molly Fegan, Big Jessie.

70cm: 1) Lily Rose McGinn, Giggles; 2) Leanna Rose Devlin, Pancake; 3) Ellie Mae McGinn, Giggles; 4) Chloe Flynn, Beauty; 5) Mollie Devlin, Bella; 6) Tierna Harper, Jessie.

Also taking part were: Ruby Uprichard, Caroline Clingham, Claire McCullough, Erin McCullough and Kyra McDowell.

80cm: 1) Millie Mulvenna, Zulu; 2) Tierna Harper, Jessie; 3) Leanna Rose Devlin, Pancake; 4) Mollie Devlin, Bella; 5) Caroline Clingham, Angus; 6) Chloe Flynn, Beauty.

90cm: 1) Katie Niblock, Star; 2) Millie Mulvenna, Zulu; 3) Emma McDowell, Bella; 4) Molly McGinn, Lizzie.

1m: 1) Molly McGinn, Lizzie; 2) Katie Niblock, Star.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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