Film and wrapping system achieves high quality silage


SINCE the introduction of machinery that uses film instead of net wrap over 10 years ago, Baletite has produced thousands of high quality silage bales for farmers worldwide.

Baletite forms part of the film and film wrapping system that sees farmers and contractors achieving benefits including ease of working with less reel changes, greater bale density and cost savings from less spoilage in the bale.

Independent tests carried out on Baletite have shown that the three extra layers of protection around the circumference of the bale, and bale edge protection, produces a more compact, stable bale with 2cm less diameter and 70 per cent less air inside the bale. This reduces mould losses by up to an incredible 80 per cent. This also allows easier handling and storing of bales as they are less likely to sag in storage.

Not only does Baletite produce higher density bales, farmers and contractors can enjoy less stopping for reel changes, as Baletite is an impressive 2,000m long, which means 33 per cent more bales per reel.

When it comes to feed out, the process is managed easier with either mechanical or manual bale opening, as no fodder becomes enmeshed, and therefore there are significantly less losses to the high quality feed. Both Baletite and balewrap can also be recycled together, which means no time is wasted separating waste for collection.

As previous in-field testing has shown, the farmer gained an average of 7.35kg dry matter per bale using the F&F system. This means a gain of 86.73 MJ ME per bale and can lead to an extra 15 litres of milk or an increase of 1.9kg of liveweight gain.


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