Final leg of league blows in to Connell Hill

ON FORM: Ally Wilson and ‘Killkern Lixie’, owned by Martin Mellett, were on form in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW36-522NN)

IT was a rather blustery day at Connell Hill, Randalstown, for the final leg of the Summer SJI Horse League on Thursday, August 29, which saw some tremendous talent throughout the league, over tracks designed by course designers Will Crean and Colm Quinn and was extremely enjoyed by competitors.

Elaine Morrow from Newtownards, led by example, jumping the first double clear of the day on her mare ‘Caltra Leader’ in the 80cm class.

1.10M: Gareth Sanderson and ‘GTA Waldo’ competing in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW36-521NN)

Pauline McKeown from Randalstown, had a very productive day, jumping the first double clear of the 90cm class on her young mare ‘Castlefield Mia’. This combination then went on to claim a double clear in the 1m class.

It was then quick-set-go as the first of the ‘against the clock’ classes got underway, the 1.10m class, and boy did these classes cause high blood pressure for those on the sidelines as competitors nipped, ducked and turned corners, shedding seconds off the leading time! Niccola Hall from Ballynahinch, three-quarters of the way through the class, jumped round in an incredible time to take victory on her gelding ‘Ladykiller’.

Liam McGarry then opened the 1.20m class and was unstoppable, setting a phenomenal time to take the honours on Judy Murphy’s gelding from Dundalk, ‘Javas Keltic Freedom’, with Barry McCormack closing the show with a record time in the 1.30m class on John Morgan’s gelding from Ballymena, ‘Moyleview Dancer’.

Connell Hill would like to thank course designers, Will Crean and Colm Quinn; judges Lynne Thompson, Joan Cunningham, Nicola Tang and Heather Camblin; starter Alison Smith; arena crew, staff, competitors, owners, grooms and spectators for help and support throughout the Summer league and look forward to welcoming everyone back for the Autumn League, which commences on Saturday, September 7 at 10am, with classes from 80cm to 1.30m. Contact Grace on 07765 884254 or Gillian on 07803 178009 for information.


Thursday, August 29

80cm: =1) Elaine Morrow’s Caltra Leader, Elaine Morrow; Sheelagh Canty’s Mr Timmy, Sheelagh Canty.

90cm: =1) Lynn Lowry’s Benaughlin Chardonnay, Lynn Lowry; Nicky Nesbitt’s Carrickview Saratoga, Nicky Nesbitt; Pauline McKeown’s Castlefield Mia, Pauline McKeown; Kirsty Bates’s Che Banoffee French, Kirsty Bates; David Rankin’s Emiel, Lola Rankin; Sandra Duffy’s Imanthos, Grace McGarry; Frances Mellett’s Mr Hashtag, Martin Mellett; Eric McClelland’s Torybrae TRI Star, Catherine McClelland.

1m: =1) Sarah Bailie’s Falling For You, James Lewis Johnston; Sandra Duffy’s Imanthos, Grace McGarry; David Rankin’s Emiel, Lola Rankin; Leslie Hazlewood’s Tiberius B Blue, Fiona Cooper; Paul Caves’s Cafre Quality Clover, Paul Caves; Pauline McKeown’s Castlefield Mia, Pauline McKeown; Brendan Doherty’s Springhill Casanova, Brendan Doherty; Thomas McLean’s Rock Hill Girl, Martin Mellett; Catherine Lundy’s Ace’s Delight, Cerys Lundy; Irene McGookin’s Hampton Nasdaq, Irene McGookin; Keith McDonald’s Springburn Shutterfly, Keith McDonald; Gary Jackson’s FaFa De Montarlot, James Lewis Johnston; Ian Moore’s Pinecrcoft Galaxy, Ian Moore; Marty McGlade’s HSC Eye Candy, Ryan Hunter; Paul Caves’s Kinmar Piloth, Paul Caves; Selina Blair’s Bright Mourne Dawn, James Lewis Johnston.

1.10m: 1) Niccola Hall’s Ladykiller, Niccola Hall; 2) Samuel J Smyth’s Ballylurgan What Lux, Hannah Thompson; 3) Judy Murphy’s Javas Keltic Freedom, Liam McGarry; 4) Pauline McKeown’s Quick Quality, Barry McCormack; 5) Frances Mellett’s Kilkern Lixie, Martin Mellett; 6) Nichola E Howarth’s NEH Miss President, Michael Press.

1.20m: 1) Judy Murphy’s Javas Keltic Freedom, Liam McGarry; 2) Patrick McWilliams’s Fivonia G, Patrick John McWilliams; 3) Harry Marshall’s Kindom Come, Hannah Agnew; 4) Amber McSorley’s Cheops du Toultia Z, Andrew McSorley; 5) Nicole O’Hagan’s Havanna, Kevin Mackey; 6) Gareth Saunderson’s Linnaeus Van Thornesele, Gareth Saunderson.

JUMPING WELL: Hannah Thompson and ‘Ballylurgan Diamond Prince’, owned by Sam Smyth, jumping well in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW36-520NN)

1.30m: 1) John Morgan’s Moyleview Dancer, Barry McCormack; 2) Gary Marshall’s Happy Boy, Savannah Barry.


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