Final show of the winter season

Ducks 6-2-20 SM Farm


Saturday saw a very fitting end to the winter show season. The entries for the Ulster Poultry Federation almost filled the Slemish Hall to capacity with old and new faces.

The white Pekin pullet, which was the Show Champion, belonging to Richard Bett and Stuart Kay, had caught the attention of many people.

Championship judge Ginny McKee stated: “The pullet was in top form and the feather quality was fantastic.”

She said there had been a terrific line up to pick from in Championship Row, and her Reserve was a very stylish and well-balanced Modern Game bantam from Marc McCullough.

A big thank you to sponsors Kilpatricks Feeds, Brinsea and Haldane Fisher and the judges. The judging line up included Eugene Mallon, Andrew Beirne, Ryan McLaren, Hugh Wallace, Neal Adams, Andy Kilpatrick, Artie Rice, Jeff Hurst, Anders Clarhill, Stan Ferguson, Ben Welsh and Ginny McKee.

New trophy secretary Kiera McGarry, along with her assistant, ‘The Boss’ aka Mark Graham, made my job very easy by providing me with the results. Well done on your first year in this new role.

Show Champion: Bett and Kay’s white Pekin Pullet;

Reserve Show Champion: Marc McCullough’s Modern Game Duckwing Pullet;

Large Soft Feather Heavy: Bett and Kay’s Gold Brahma Male;

Large Soft Feather Light: James Weatherup’s Silver Spangled Hamburg Male;

Large Hard Feather: Mervyn Elliott’s Black Red Modern Male;

Bantam Soft Feather Heavy: Mervyn Mooney’s German Langshan Pullet;

Bantam Soft Feather Light: Jimmy Corken’s Black Leghorn Pullet;

Bantam Hard Feather: Marc McCullough’s Modern Duckwing Pullet;

True Bantam: Bett and Kay’s Pekin Pullet;

Trio: Bett and Kay’s Calls;

Juvenile: Pullein family’s Partridge Welsummer Pullet;

Eggs: B Oldcorn’s three Dark Brown Eggs;

Waterfowl: Bett and Kay’s Call Duck;

Rare Breed: Black Thuringian male;

Turkey: McKibben family’s Red Female;

Utility: Patricia Swandell’s White Wyandotte male;

Goose: Bett and Kay’s Steinbacher’s female;

Heavy Duck: Bett and Kay white Rouen Duck;

Light Duck: Bett and Kay’s white’s Runner Drake;

Call/Bantam Duck: Bett and Kay’s white Call Duck;

Young Handler: Ellen Fullerton’s German Langshan Pullet;

Champion Photo: C McClelland.

Thanks to the show committee for all its hard work and to Joshua Kittle for flying home to take the photographs.

Next week we will have the individual breed winners and the results of the Oxford Regional held at this show.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the summer shows – now to get the breeding pens sorted.


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