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First Dromore Hard Feather Show of the season is a great success

With the Dromore Club having moved to the new premises of James Hammond at Loughbrickland, Saturday past marked the first Hard Feather Show at this new location.

Gareth Ingram, the show secretary, stated that it was a great show and thanked everyone who came to support the club.

He had previously said that the show was a great start to the season.

Biggest classes were the Furness, with 39 birds in total, including 20 pullets. The next largest classes were the Blue Furnace followed by the Duckwing.

The Modern Game bantam classes were well supported with almost 50 Modern Game Bantams on display, which was a great turnout of these very stylish birds.

Unfortunately there were no Indian Game on display but I would expect them to be out at later shows as they tend to be slow to mature and this year’s adult birds are still in the moult.

A new addition to the show were the large American Game fowl, which are a very well balanced breed which also exist in the bantam size. Maybe more local poultry keepers will consider keeping them in the future.

The show was kindly judged by Pete Dick and Scott Irwin, who allocated the top awards as follows:

Champion Novice: James Weatherup; Champion Modern Game: Eugene O Rourke; Champion Old English Game: Jonny Blaney; Champion Carlisle: Jonny Blaney; Champion Asian: Gareth Ingram; Champion Oxford: Gareth Ingram; Champion American: Gareth Ingram.

Show Champion went to Eugene O’Rourke’s Black Red Modern Game bantam cockerel, and the Reserve Show Champion award to Jonny Blaney for an Old English Game bantam pullet.

This was a great start to the Hard Feather poultry show season and congratulations to Gareth Ingram and his team for organising and running this event.

A big thanks also to the judges for taking time out for this event; to all the exhibitors; and to James Hammond for hosting the Dromore Club shows at his home.

Banbridge Poultry Fair

n Saturday past was the final poultry fair of the year at the Belmont House Hotel.

There was a good turnout of quality birds across a big range of breeds available.

The next event at this location will be next year with another auction being planned.

I would like to thank the organisers of these events and for all they have done for our poultry hobby this year.



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