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Five-Star and Youngster Tour talent at the Meadows

WITH the overnight deluges experienced in the Lurgan area, a quick decision by the team at the Meadows on Saturday morning resulted in the running of amalgamated classes in one arena, as athletes from all over Ireland came to the Meadows Equestrian Centre, for the final running of the Five Star and Youngster Tour in the venue for 2021.

Starting off the day in Arena 1 was the One-Star Qualifier, which was merged with the Four-Year-Old Youngster Tour. In the arena, Course Designers, Aaron McCusker and Derrick Gillen were on duty to test the ability of these horses and riders.

Following this, a large entry in the Three- and Four-Star competitions, as well as the Five-Year-Old and Six-Year-Old Youngster Tour classes, made for some exciting, timed phases, with at times only hundredths of a second separating first and second placings!

Rounding off a remarkably busy day in the Main Arena was the 1.25-1.30m Five-Star class. The fastest combination to make it through the two rounds without penalty was John Higgins with Gerard McMullan’s ‘Val De Mazeroy’, the bay gelding by ‘Felton Du Mont’, who kept all the rails in the cups to claim the top spot.


Saturday, August 7

Five Star and Youngster Tour

1* (85-90cm): =1) Aileen Flynn’s Sivanna R, Kerry Taggart; Niamh Mallon McFall’s SydneyVolo, Niamh Mallon McFall; Maeve Lunny’s Kippure Steepleview Jack, Maeve Lunny; Laura Crown’s Miss Lady Lux, Laura Crown; Andrew Bolas’s Du Carels Vivendi, Catherine Bolas; Aisling Monaghan’s Fleur D’Argent, Aisling Monaghan; Laura Keery’s Ferro Diamond, Laura Keery; Erin Fergus and Derek Kane’s Crossroads Baby Uno, Kerry Taggart; Roisin Ni Rioc’s Colin Clover, Roisin Ni Rioc.

2* (95cm-1m): =1) Niamh Mallon McFall’s Bay of Biscay, Niamh Mallon McFall; Danielle Logan’s Demero, Danielle Logan; Amy Wilson’s Vagabond, Amy Wilson; Glenn Martin’s Beach House, Ellie Rose Martin; Martin Mellett’s Knockans Dilemma, Eamon O’Connor; Janine Farrell’s Katinker, Janine Farrell; Jenny Montgomery’s Easytime, Jenny Montgomery; Jason Patterson’s ABF Kilderg, Jason Patterson; Glenn Martin’s Summerbridge Royale, Glenn Martin; Kieran O’Brien’s Doneybrewer Quest, Rachel McKimmon; Tyrone Flanagan’s Qautro JS, Tyrone Flanagan; Niall McGarry’s Innishfree Beach Babe, Stephen Bolas; Eavan White’s Highbury, Tegan White McMorrow; Melanie Davidson’s MHS Nadal, Jessica Davidson; Melanie Davidson’s ABC Cortana Cruise, Melanie Davidson; Jenny Doran’s HorsePlay Game Changer, Jenny Doran; Sarah Agnew’s Castleconnell Candy Man, Paul Devlin.

3* (1.05m-1.10m): 1) Alana Lavery’s Lucy Ludo, Jodie Creighton; 2) Aileen Flynn’s Bright, Kerry Taggart; 3) Sarah Kinnear’s Elf Queen, Sarah Kinnear; 4) Jayne Clarke’s Emby, Jayne Clarke; 5) Carroll Produce Ltd’s Kabran De Reve Z, Paul Carroll; 6) Sharon Kelly-Murphy’s Reuben James, Alfie Adair.

4* (1.15m-1.20m): 1) John Downey’s Away Again, John Floody; 2) Elizabeth A Craig’s Kilrodan Landcruiser, Rachel McKimmon; 3) Clare Craig’s Craigmanus Hold Up Diamond, John Floody; 4) Kevin Gallagher’s Painrich (SWB), Aoibheann Power; 5) Victoria S Clarke’s Carrickview Flamenco, Victoria S Clarke; 6) David Conlon’s Tullyneagh, Alfie Adair.

5* (1.25m-1.30m): 1) Gerard McMullan’s Val De Mazeroy, John Higgins; 2) Samantha Dale’s Roundthorn Hercules, Olivia A Roulston; 3) Tracy Woods’s Without Permission, Zoe Woods; 4) Tullyelmer Farm Ltd’s Karima, Kerry Taggart; 5) Anne Torrens’s Gifted New Year, Jennifer Torrens; 6) David Gibson’s SGS Welcome Louie, Stephen Gibson.

Four-Year-Old Youngster (90cm-1m): =1) Lorraine Leavesley’s Baile An Doire Emerald, Lorraine Leavesley; Ellen Hughes’s Bella 18, Ellen Hughes; Miriam O’Donnell’s Block Bauer, Tyrone Flanagan; Brian McConville’s BWE Non Stop Hero, Shane O’Reilly; Kathryn O’Hagan’s Chs Jetblue, Kathryn O’Hagan; Abigail Stafford’s Cornet D, Abigail Stafford; Clare Craig’s Craigmanus Mr Finn, John Floody; Hannah Patterson’s Derena Picture This, Hannah Patterson; Mark Sloan’s Ecclesville Allo Allo (ISH), Yvonne Whiteside; Owen McCamley’s Eva Du Rouet, Owen McCamley; Caitilin Taggart’s Heidi Van d’Abdijhoeve, Caitilin Taggart; Charlene Clingan’s Lurox, Charlene Clingan; Stephen Gibson & Robert Geddis’s MGS-Serendipity, Stephen Gibson; Seamus Heverin’s MVS Celtic Emperor, Sean Glynn; Ross Trearty’s Numero Echo, Ross Trearty.

Five-Year-Old Youngster (95cm-1.05m): =1) Rachel Whann’s Daquin De Muze, Rachel Whann; Linda Marion Fahey’s Last Wish (HSI), Hannah Patterson; Gillian Creighton’s Glenaguile View, Jodie Creighton; James Kernan’s Willing To Please, Hannah Patterson; James Kernan’s Call Me Tommy, Hannah Patterson; Yvonne Whiteside’s LGS Decade, Yvonne Whiteside; Brian Kieran’s HTS Redrock, John Floody; Jodie Creighton’s Pon De Replay, Jodie Creighton; Caroline Gaston’s MB Sandro Star, John Higgins; Abigail Stafford’s Lui Lux Well, Abigail Stafford; Billy Adrain’s Del Boy OBOS, Sophie Adrain; Kathryn O’Hagan’s CAFRE Scarlett Luxann, Kathryn O’Hagan; Eavan White’s Highbury, Tegan White McMorrow; Tracey Gallagher’s CBI Heart Stopper, Tracey Gallagher; Elaine Fahy’s CSF Barbie, Sean Glynn; Anne Torrens’s Cool Garcon, Jennifer Torrens; Jessica McConnell’s Cornascriebe Derryinver, Jessica McConnell; Patrick Kehoe’s ABC Saving Grace, Catherine Thornton; Sean Hanley’s Castleb Good, Ellen Hughes; Abigail Stafford’s Cobra D, Abigail Stafford; Peter Mulrine’s Admiran Athena, Catherine Thornton; Willie Craig’s Fyfin Ramiro, Jennifer Torrens; Morris G Smyth and Elaine Smyth’s Elamo Eye Candy, Shane Treanor.

Six-Year-Old Youngster (1.05m-1.15m): 1) Maurice Bingham’s Harlequins Butterfly, Maurice Bingham; 2) Harry Marshall’s Morning Attraction (Ihr), Jennifer Torrens; 3) Aaron Perrin’s LKS Lanzar, Aaron Perrin; 4) James Kernan’s Touch of Paris, Hannah Patterson; 5) Jane Kealey’s Danny Boy II, Jane Kealey; 6) Mary McShane’s TC High Quality, Mary McShane.

Seven & Eight-Year-Old Youngster (1.10m-1.20m): 1) Robert McKee’s Diamond Beach Babe, Melissa McKee; 2) Eric Smith’s Trebra Indoctro Cruise, Che Flanagan; 3) Gareth Nethercote’s CHS Hoochie Coochie, Gareth Nethercote; 4) Ross Trearty’s Clonboo Babys Boy, Ross Trearty; 5) Catriona Grifferty’s Supreme Intent, Lee Grifferty; 6) Michael Hayden’s CSF Alfie, Aoibheann Power.

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