Food labelling explained at CAFRE

Labelling SM Farm

By Victoria Shiels,

Food Technology Branch, Loughry Campus

In conjunction with Mid-Ulster Council and Kerry Europe, CAFRE Loughry Campus delivered a workshop to 40 delegates aimed at clarifying food labelling requirements.

This forum allowed representatives from a range of companies across all food processing sectors to understand the increasing role and importance of accurate food labelling to the consumer, while also ensuring the legal compliance.

The workshop focused on mandatory legislative requirements and discussed guidelines for optional data, which many companies include on product labels for marketing purposes.

An area of increasing importance for consumers and meriting additional attention by the manufacturing sector is the growing demand for ‘clean labelling’ of products.

Dr Matthew McCusker, Kerry Europe, discussed the practicalities and challenges of developing an additive free, clean label products and the rigorous testing to ensure product safety.

Marissa McCormick, Mid-Ulster Council, reviewed the importance of accurate allergen labelling and the legal requirements when presenting this data.

She also conducted a clinic involving a series of practical exercises identifying complaint and non-complaint labels.

This session allowed delegates to apply the knowledge they gained in the earlier part of the course, to factual scenarios and also gave them an opportunity to discuss areas of special interest with Marissa, so gaining accurate and timely guidance.

Peter Simpson, Head of the Food Technology Development Branch in the Loughry Campus, said: “Today’s workshop is an example of the practical support we at CAFRE offer to food businesses; allowing delegates to further develop their knowledge on labelling and seek practical answers to specific labelling challenges; issues which they address in the demanding world of food processing.”

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