Fortnite’s end-of-Halloween live event sees Kevin the cube disappear

(Epic Games)
(Epic Games)

Fortnite has used a massive in-game live event to wrap up the months-long purple cube saga which saw it disappear in a flash of light and reveal a changed Fortnite map.

For several months, the mysterious cube – known affectionately to players as Kevin – has been floating around the battle royale game’s map, interacting with players and changing the in-game landscape.

But on Sunday night the popular online game brought an end to the cube story through a dramatic live event witnessed by all players simultaneously, which saw the cube vanish and the Leaky Lake area of the map transformed.

Prominent Fortnite streamer Ninja caught the event as it happened and tweeted the results, while Eurogamer reported that more than two million people watched it unfold on YouTube, with another 1.5 million watching in Twitch.

The game has previously used live events for other large-scale spectacles including the launch of a rocket ship.

The event also brought to a close the game’s Fortnitemares Halloween event, which had seen monsters terrorising players in recent weeks – the first non-player characters (NPCs) to appear in the game.

The next major changes in the free-to-play game are expected in the next few weeks when the latest season update takes place.

Currently moving towards the end of Season 6, Fortnite Season 7 is due in early December and with it is likely to be a range of new skins, weapons, themes and other items and further possible changes to the map.


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