Frankie Bridge: Husband Wayne is like a 12-year-old girl in his love for TikTok

Frankie Bridge and Wayne Bridge during the National Television Awards at London's O2 Arena.
Frankie Bridge and Wayne Bridge during the National Television Awards at London's O2 Arena.

Frankie Bridge says she has “awoken the beast” in husband Wayne Bridge with his passion for dancing on TikTok.

The Saturdays singer and the footballer are frequently seen performing dance routines on the social media platform, but Bridge said she had to convince her husband to take part.

She told Laura Whitmore’s Castaway podcast: “I was like, I’m not going on TikTok! It took me ages to even get on Instagram, and then I downloaded it just to watch them and then I just got hooked!

“Then I tried to convince him to get involved and he was not having any of it, and now he is, I’ve awoken the beast!

“He’s now like a 12-year-old girl, he was sat next to me yesterday practising lyrics for this one that he really wants to do, and I was like, ‘who have you become?’

“And we were arguing over artistic differences for one of the videos! And we just started laughing because we were like, ‘what’s happened to us?’”

Bridge, who found fame as a member of S Club Juniors, said that while she has embraced the new social media trend, she would have found it difficult if it had been around when she started her career.

She said: “I think it would be so much harder, I think that’s one of the things. In S Club Juniors nothing existed, and that was amazing, I just got to live in this little bubble and loved my life.

“With The Saturdays, when we first started we used to have to sign into forums, we would sign in, answer a few questions and then sign out again, so old school!

“Even that seemed mad and then we didn’t really get Instagram until more than halfway through, because even when I did Strictly in 2014, Instagram wasn’t that big.

Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour Photocall – Birmingham
Frankie Bridge with her Strictly Come Dancing partner Kevin Clifton (Joe Giddens/PA)

“So when I look back I posted a few things but not really, I think we were really lucky.

“I’m really happy that we got to experience it without that extra pressure, because you’re busy enough anyway and then to have to document everything and deal with everyone’s opinions, especially when you’re starting out, because people can be really mean.

“So yeah, I think it would have been quite a different experience and I’m quite happy we didn’t have that.

“Because people feel they can say and do whatever they want when you’re on TV anyway, and then once you put social media into the mix you’re so accessible, which is amazing on so many levels but it opens you up to a lot of scrutiny and meanness.


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