From American farmland to a work of art

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Photographer Mitch Rouse has turned American farmland into a work of art.

With his camera attached initially to a fixed-wing aircraft and later just hand-held on a helicopter, he has produced a series of images that are strikingly beautiful.

The pictures not only give a new perspective on the miles of farmed land – that from the road might appear repetitive – but illustrate just how varied the landscape is from above.

Mr Rouse, from Wyoming, hopes his collection will show others how beautiful farmland can be.

Viewed from the sky, the state’s farms are revealed in a landscape of alluring colours and patterns.

He said: “I just wanted to find myself a niche and something that I could grow and be proud of.

“That desire led me to aerial photography, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s always so much fun going up in the air and flying around in a helicopter making photographs. You can’t beat it.”

Mr Rouse found his niche by accident when, on his way to take aerial photographs of Canyonlands National Park, he snapped the land below on his way.

“It’s kind of hard not to take photographs of farmland being based in Wyoming,” he said.

“In order to get anywhere, you end up flying over miles and miles of crops.

“While flying I would basically survey the land and photograph where we flew over.

“Because of that process and being surrounded by endless landscapes of farmland, I just ended up with a ton of farmland photos.”

There are 2.6 million farmers and two million farms in the United States, so he is not likely to run out of subjects anytime soon.

Mr Rouse added: “From above, you have a whole new perspective and the beauty that this industry really creates.”


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