Full flow for slurry spreaders


SLURRY spreaders will be in full flow up and down the country as both farmers and contractors take full advantage of the slurry ban lifting on February 1 in Northern Ireland.

Slurry is big business for Tyrone-based Drumlish Farm Machinery, Ireland’s approved dealer for SlurryKat. Since 1994 SlurryKat have grown to become one of the world’s leading manufactures of slurry solutions.

According to sales manager Gerard Barrett at Drumlish Farm Machinery, the SlurryKat range is unrivalled.

He said: “Due to the demand for SlurryKat tankers there is a waiting list. We have new 1,600 gallon tankers back on-site, but often our farmers and contractors pre-order due to the level of customisation options available.”

The range within SlurryKat continues to evolve each year with increased productivity and profits offered due to each machines ease of use, reliability and technical excellence.

Gerard continued: “Each SlurryKat tanker is custom built in the factory using best in class techniques, materials and parts with a wide range of additional upgrades available on each tanker manufactured.”

Drumlish Farm Machinery also stocks a comprehensive range of SlurryKat parts from couplings to suction hoses, gate valves to spreader plates and slurry tanker hoses. Many of the slurry tanker parts within the SlurryKat range can be used in conjunction with other leading farm brands and are a highly popular choice due to their quality of build and increased longevity.

Similar to SlurryKat, Drumlish Farm Machinery also operates an agricultural contracting business and a working farm, which ensures it provides first hand

advice backed up by their onsite service department.


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