Fun for all at Iveagh Hallowe’en Show

Iveagh Hallowe'en Show BR Farm
LINE UP: Some of the prize winners at the Iveagh Pony Club Halloween Show. (FW46-559NN)

THE Iveagh Pony Club Hallowe’en Show at Moyallon was greatly enjoyed by all the competitors, helped by the good weather. The Branch was very grateful to Aine Lavery, who organised the show, helped by Pony Club parents and older members.

The show jumping was run by Shirley McCombe and Ann Kerr, with Ronnie Morton as course builder. The Dressage was organised by Laura King, with Alison King as scribe and Emma Hobson as judge. Working Hunter was helped by Suzanne O’Farrell, with Ros Murphy as judge and fences supplied by Billy McCombe. The last two competitions were great fun – a Dog Show in which all competitors achieved awards and a super Fancy Dress Show. The Dressage and show jumping were both Dengie Qualifiers.

SPOOKY: One of the scarier entries into the Fancy Dress class at the Iveagh Pony Club Halloween Show. (FW46-558NN)

The next Dengie Dressage will be on December 2 at Smith’s and Dengie Show jumping at Mossvale on November 24.



Grassroots: 1) Katie Haire, Galway Girl; 2) Mollie Davidson, Monochrome Boy; 3) Aideen O’Hanlon, Prince; 4) Sophy Bennet, Cornascriebe Last Lady.

Novice: 1) Holly Donnan, Romeo; 2) Sophie Bennet, Colour Code Chinook; 3) Nicole Robinson, Copper Field Gold; 4) Victoria Greenaway, Warrior Bob.

Intermediate: 1) Hannah McKinstry, Dermahatton Delight; 2) Gemme Chambers, Diamond Mountain; 3) Sarah Moore, Kilgarvin Morning Mist; 4) Rachel Taylor, The Great Pretender; 5) Meabh McIlduff, Dawlsan Done and Dusted.

Open: Laura King, Bella and Cheetah.

Working Hunter

Class 1: 1) Lilly Murphy, Buzby; 2) Kitty Cullen, Rocky.

Class 2: 1) Jessica Mulgrew, Bannview Spartacus; 2) Simone Leathem, Knockjames Jedward; 3) Kitty Cullen, Rocky.

Class 3: 1) Rachel Taylor, The Great Pretender; 2) Meabh McIlduff, Dawlsan Done and Dusted; 3) Nadine Gormley, Cois Mabhainn.

Champion: Jessica Mulgrew, Bannview Spartacus.

Show jumping

Class 1 Cross-poles: =1) Sophie McBride, Snoopie and Squidgie; =2) Ellie Murphy, Tobie; Henry McCarthy, Henry; Lucas Bradley, Patch.

Class 2 40cm: =1) Zoe Daniels, Jack Frost; Lucas Bradley, Flynn; Rachel Cantley, Phoebe; Isaac McCarthy, Zara; 2) Robyn Donnelly, Willow.

Class 3 60cm: =1) Rachel Cantley, Phoebe; Elizabeth McCracken, Thunder; 2) Robyn Donnelly, Willow; 3) Harriet Royle, Rathkenny Lady.

Class 4 70cm: 1) Connie Cullen, Crunchie; 2) Harriet Royle, Rathkenny Lady; 3) Elizabeth McCartan, Shannon; 4) Hannah McKinstry, Dawn; 5) Kirsty Fisher, Sky.

Class 5 Junior Dengie: 1) Grade A Kitty Cullen, Rocky; Lucy Donnan, Flicka; 2) Alex Best, Joey; 3) Freya Fisher, Barny; 4) Lucy Donnan, Goldie.

Class 6 Dengie Debut: 1) Charlotte McCracken, Sweet Lilly; 2) Mollie Davidson, Monochrome Boy; 3) Finn Osborne, Cavan; 4) Nadine Gormley, Barny.

Class 7 Dengie 90cm: 1) Rory Osborne, Bella Bambino; 2) Bethany Cardwell, Arena Highlight.

FANCY DRESS: There was a super fancy dress competition at the Iveagh Pony Club Halloween Show. (FW46-556NN)

Class 8: 1) Caitie Slater; 2) Eve Fitzsimmons, Goddan Daginn Dik.


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