Funds raised for Minnowburn RDA

Funds raised for Minnowburn RDA

THANKS to a recent fundraising pub quiz organised by Burn Equestrian staff and livery members including generous sponsors, Minnowburn RDA riders can now try to fulfil their goals. It takes a lot of effort and achievement to work hard towards the ambitions set by members and volunteers of Minnowburn RDA.

They were presented with the huge sum of £1,410 raised and they were absolutely delighted! The group is indebted to everyone involved and would offer their sincere gratitude to all involved; the funds will go some way to achieving these ambitions.

Minnowburn RDA always welcomes any assistance with volunteers and meet every Wednesday morning at Burn Equestrian Centre, Knockbracken Healthcare Park.

The riders who qualified in the Spring at Danescroft for finals at Hartpury in England during 2018 are equally delighted.


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