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Gamekeepers Lodge hosts Hallowe’en League Final

THE Gamekeepers Lodge Equestrian Centre, Kilkeel held the final of a very successful Hallowe’en League recently. The league, which ran for six weeks, catered for every level of rider with classes starting from cross-poles and going up to 1.10m.

The centre wishes to thank everyone who participated and helped out in any way. Thanks also to DC Creations (Kilkeel), who provided the fabulous prizes and to Ailish McBurney, who judged the fancy dress competition.

The six-week Christmas League at Gamekeepers Lodge commences this Friday, November12. As this is a pre-entry event, entries are to be texted to 07783 683478 by 12 noon Friday.


Hallowe’en Fancy Dress: 1) John Tomlinson; 2) Jackson Burns; 3) Lily Rose McGinn.

Hallowe’en League final

Cross-poles: 1) Rosie Strain, Billy; 2) Jackson Burns, Billy; 3) Sinead Martin, Lisa; 4) Lexi Houston, Dougal; 5) John Tomlinson, Milo.

50cm: 1) Lee McKibben, Daisy; 2) Kyra McDowell, Secret; 3) Rosie Strain, Billy; 4) Molly Fegan, Dougal; 5) Kerrie Rooney, Chelsea.

60cm: 1) Mollie Devlin, Wee Man; 2) Olivia Ryan, Rogue; 3) JJ Graham, Jessie; 4) Laura Miklasova, Sparkles; 5) Claire McCullough, Denali.

70cm: 1) Brooke Fergerson, Kandi; 2) Ellie Mae McGinn, Giggles; 3) Leanna Rose Devlin, Lisa; 4) Ruby Uprichard, Starsky; 5) Olivia Ryan, Starsky.

80cm: 1) Lily Rose McGinn, Giggles; 2) Rhianna McKibben, Jackson; 3) Sophia Steenson, Secret; 4) Caitlin Trainor, Zara; 5) Kyra McDowell, Jack.

90cm: 1) Sarah Jayne Trainor, Chelsea Rose; 2) Molly McGinn, Lizzie.

1m: 1) Charley Hanna, Crystal; 2) Ruth Baird, Warren.

1.10m: 1) Charley Hanna, Crystal.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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