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Genus ABS leads August proof run for Holstein and Friesian genetics

IT has been a fantastic August proof run for Genus/ABS with 58 of the top 100 young genomic sires now available.

One thing remains constant in each sire summary, the high quality and the strength of the Genus ABS line-up strongly backed by the genetic power of the DeNovo programme.

This August Genus celebrates the prolific impact that De-Su 14222 Kenobi, ABS Crimson and ABS Sassafras have had in contributing to the genetic progress of their customers in recent years. Kenobi and Crimson have been used extensively as sires of sons, with 51 sons between them that top the £PLI charts today.

The third of this magnificent trio is ABS Sassafras. With over 4,000 registered progeny in the UK, Sassafras has been one of the most popular bulls on the market and Genus is delighted to release his first son Denovo Sizzler to the Sexcel line-up.

Genus/ABS EMEA dairy brand manager Hannah Goodwin com-mented: “Like his father, Sizzler comes packed with a genomic proof that provides production, high health traits completed by his desirable golden ratio of extreme chest width.” Hannah continues: “Sizzler excels with his phenomenal production +914kgs of milk, superb strength +1.45 chest width and +1.30 rump width.”

As mentioned before, 58 out of the top 100 genomic £PLI sires available in the industry call Genus/ABS home.

Of those 58 sires, 31 of those carry the DeNovo prefix. DeNovo is committed to providing the industry with high-ranking, differentiated genetics. Of Genus’ top 58 £PLI bulls, 23 are born from different sires; aside from the high standard of genetics, Genus is proud to promote diversity within its dairy portfolio.

One of many fantastic bulls to launch with Sexcel semen is Glamour Boghill Applaud. This superb De-Su 14673 Appeal son weighs in at a phenomenal £PLI of £871. Applaud is a complete all-rounder, he reduces stature and adds positive chest width. He also has fantastic component percentages of 0.21 per cent fat, +0.07 per cent protein and +738kgs milk. Applaud excels with superb health traits of +12.9 daughter fertility and +183 lifespan in days.

Another chart topper is Bomaz Platt with a PLI of +£860. Alongside his double-digit components +0.39 per cent fat, +0.10 per cent protein and extreme daughter fertility (+14.3), Platt provides high health traits, superb legs and feet and will produce strong fertile daughters.

Other Sexcel sires to note this August include the Pine-Tree Heroic son, Denovo Hasley, with a PLI of £780, he is the No.1 sire available for fat kgs at a whopping +64.9 and an incredible +0.41 per cent fat.

Another interesting sire that moved up the rankings this time is Blumenfeld Sedona at £807 PLI. He comes with a comprehensive proof with superb production +797kgs milk, +0.05 per cent fat, +0.10 per cent protein, tremendous daughter fertility (+10.0) and superb lifespan in days of +153. His confirmation is exceptional and will produce daughters with added chest width, exceptionally attached mammary systems and great locomotion.

From a Friesian perspective, the Genus stud has had an excellent proof run, with eight of the top 10 proven sires and seven of the top 10 genomic sires available in the UK (ranked on PLI). Carrickshock GTW is the top bull overall with a fantastic all round proof at £410 PLI. He carries fantastic production +593kgs of milk and +0.01 per cent fat and +0.07 per cent protein.

With 45 bulls sitting in the top 10 per cent for £PLI (greater than £780 PLI), Genus can ensure that whatever your business goal you will increase profitability through genetics.


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