Genus has seven of top ten Friesian bulls

n Lakemead Jingle, top selling bull of any breed for Sexcel semen.

GENUS ABS has had excellent results in the most recent Friesian proof run with seven of the top 10 proven bulls available. The results also included 16 of the top 20 genomic bulls for PLI and Lakemead Jingle, the top selling bull of any breed for Sexcel semen.

Bill Foster, Dairying Specialist with Genus ABS, commented: “The Friesian breed is proving very popular with farmers up and down the country and Genus ABS is pleased to offer such a successful line-up of outstanding bulls. We are also impressed with two new bulls, Deangate Casper and Goonhilly Jago, which are both bred from outstanding cow families and have impressive genomic proofs.”

n Deangate Casper’s dam, Deangate Cindy32 EX96 :

Lakemead Jingle now has 92 milking daughters in 27 herds and he is the best bull available for all round improvement with high production and an excellent linear. Jingle also has impressive scores for the health traits, including +54 days Lifespan & +1.6 Calving Ease.

Kirkby Malvern has a promising first proof, based on 31 daughters in 15 herds, with high milk and low SCC. Malvern is a son of Blackisle Benloyal out of a 14,000kg Frontier daughter.

Aintree Percy now has milking daughters and offers high milk yields with high milk quality, while Peartree Bryster is Genus’ top genomic bull for PLI, with high protein and calving ease. Goonhilly Elijah is the top genomic bull in the UK for both Fertility Index and SCI.

Deangate Casper, one of the new bulls which has impressed in the proof run, is by Aintree Percy from the excellent Cindy family. He is bred from three generations of EX cows from the outstanding Cindy family and his EX96 dam looks fantastic at 13 years old. Casper is bred for longevity as his dam completes five consecutive generations, averaging nine lactations. Casper has an impressive genomic proof with high fat and protein production and low SCC. He also scores highly for the management traits, with very good Lifespan and daughter Fertility in addition to an excellent linear with high scores for udders, legs and feet.

Another newcomer, Goonhilly Jago, has a very good genomic proof with high milk and protein production and impressive udders. Jago is bred from the outstanding Marie family – his dam is milking very well in her fourth lactation and his grand dam is milking very well in her eighth lactation.

The Marie family produce well above the herd average at Goonhilly in Cornwall, where the cows are outside all year round – grazing grass and fodder beet in the winter.

n For further information on this very successful proof run contact your Genus representative or phone the office on 02838 331451.


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