Get busy with a Beekeeper’s Certificate


DROMORE Bee Keepers’ Association is delivering one of three parts of the intermediate level beekeeping in a series of classes commencing next month.

This course builds on the knowledge gained from the Preliminary course and improves the understanding of both the scientific and practical aspects of beekeeping.

It consists of three parts; Scientific, Practical and Apiary Practical, delivered over a period of at least two years and leading to the Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations (FIBKA) Intermediate Certificate of Proficiency in Beekeeping.

The course is aimed at holders of the FIBKA Preliminary Beekeeping certificate (or equivalent) who wish to increase their knowledge, understanding and practical skills in beekeeping. Those applying should be aware that independent study is essential in addition to attending classes and apiary workshops.

The practical written element of the course will be held in Dromore High School and consists of 15 evening classroom sessions between this September and April 2019 followed by a three hour written examination in April/May 2019. The first class will be held on Wednesday, September 12 at 6.30pm.

Elements covered include: Migratory beekeeping; Queen rearing; Management of nuclei; Disease and pest control; Equipment; Preparation of honey and wax for show; Legislation; and Starting up in beekeeping.

The syllabus is available on

The Intermediate Apiary practical can also stand on its own as a step towards the Practical Bee-master Certificate for those not wishing to take all three hour written examinations.

For those planning to progress to the Senior Certificate it is a step towards completing the Apiary Practical part of the Senior Certificate.

The Intermediate Certificate will be awarded only when all three examinations have been passed. The fee for this practical part of the Course is £140, which covers the 15 evening sessions and the examination fee.

If you would like to take part in the class, please register with CAFRE and enrol online at


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