Get festive with the YFCU choirs

Choir TD Farm

IT’S time to get festive with the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster Annual Choir Festival.

This year the YFCU Annual Choir Festival will be held at 7pm on Thursday, December 6, at Methodist College, Belfast.

The event is open to all – not just YFCU members! So bring your friends and family along and join the YFCU in listening to its fantastic choirs from all across the country compete!

On the evening 13 choirs will be judged on:

n Best soloist

n Best choral piece

n Best accompaniment

n Best newcomer

The evening promises to showcase the fine vocal talent that exists within the YFCU and will certainly put you in the mood for Christmas!

Tickets are £5 per person and are available at the door on the night.


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