Give your calves a super start


HEALTHY calves means healthy profits as any farmer would tell you. Calf rearing is becoming more complex each year with ever-increasing challenges and increased performance expected from the newborn calf. Some things, however, never change.

Firstly, it is vitally important the newborn calf receives the correct colostrum management to provide maximum immunity.

Secondly, the need for the young calf to receive a high quality milk replacer so it can remain healthy and thrive in the first weeks of life. The first 12 weeks of a calf’s life has been well documented to be the most crucial.

The Eringold Super formula is made up of specifically chosen raw ingredients that are highly digestible to a calf, such as high levels of milk proteins. Quality fats are added for energy, and lots of extra additives such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, all combining to give calves the best possible start in life.

Eringold Super contains a scour protection package which has proven to be of huge benefit to calf rearing on many farms through the addition of immunity support and digestive aids.

Eringold Super Calf is the company’s original calf milk replacer and has brought consistency in quality from factory to farm in the UK and Ireland over the past 25 years. Consistency is something that is sometimes overlooked in this day and age and you can rest assured that every pallet of Eringold Super is as good as the last.

A spokesman said: “We set very high standards for the quality of our powders, but don’t take our word for it. Ask your calves and they will speak for themselves.”

n If you would like any more info or would like to discuss feeding schedules or calf rearing advice, please contact Chris on 07739 061672 or visit the website at


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