Glastonbury fans recreate festival at home ahead of 50th anniversary weekend

Laura Campbell has built the festival in her garden (Laura Campbell/PA)
Laura Campbell has built the festival in her garden (Laura Campbell/PA)

Glastonbury fans have been recreating the festival at home, ahead of what would have been the 50th anniversary weekend.

The big celebration may not be going ahead, but music lovers have been making their own versions at home instead, after it was cancelled because of the pandemic.

The Warrilow family from Warwickshire have attended the festival every year since 2009, with youngest daughter Lyra first attending aged just two.

Now 11 years later the family are hoping to create some of the experience at home.

Shane Warrilow, 47, told the PA news agency: “My wife is busy baking pizza at the moment, we are going to have falafels, and the burger bar going later at the weekend.

“We have built a bar in the garden, so we can have a few drinks.

“For me, my favourite bits are the signs. We have ‘no camping, any tent will be removed’, that’s one of my favourite signs near the stage.

“It’s just the best place in the world, everyone is happy, it’s just a really nice place to be and we wanted to create as much of it as we could.”

It took several weeks to build parts of the festival, and the family-of-five will be joined this weekend by Mr Warrilow’s sister-in-law who, he said, has been their “Glastonbury partner since day one”.

Lyra Warrilow, pictured in 2011, enjoying her third Glastonbury Festival aged four (PA)

Laura Campbell, 28, from Truro, Cornwall, has also built the festival in her garden, complete with a Pyramid Stage in the shed and Cider Bus cider.

She said: “Cutting out the Glastonbury letters from cardboard was the most time-consuming bit but probably my favourite, as sitting on that hill and seeing the iconic view is such a classic Glastonbury moment.

“It’s usually a really sad weekend if you don’t get tickets, but with everyone in the same boat this year, it seemed like a nice idea to mark it in some way with everything else going on.

“I think this weekend we’ll mainly be celebrating by watching the BBC coverage.”

Coronavirus – Mon Jun 22, 2020
Glastonbury fans have been recreating the festival at home (PA)

She will be spending the weekend with her boyfriend: “He’s never been to Glastonbury so I’m sure he thinks I’m a bit mad.”

Vincent Martin, 29, from Bristol, has built a miniature Pyramid Stage to house his laptop, which will be playing the BBC highlights this weekend.

He will be watching alongside his wife, Jenny Crowell, 29, and two friends who will be camping in the garden.

He said: “I have been as a punter and I have also played there as well.

“It left a hole this summer and we already had the time off, so we thought why not bring a little slice of Glasto home and pay tribute to the best festival ever.”


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